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Stories of Lag B’Omer

from Lma’an Yishme’u

Reb Elozor Azkari, known by the title of his sefer as Baal HaChareidim, was a shammes in a beis midrash in Tzfas, and was widely regarded as a simple person. No one knew of his kedusha and Torah scholarship. On Lag BaOmer one year, he traveled to the kever of Rashbi in Meron, and while there, he met the AriZal and his talmidim and danced with them for a long time. He also danced with an elderly man, dressed in white, who was dancing with intense joy. Soon after, the AriZal took hold of the elderly man's hands and danced with him for a while, and then danced with the Baal HaChareidim as well.

After leaving the kever, the talmidim asked the AriZal, "You must have danced with the elderly man because he is a great person, but why did you dance with the shammes? It is true that he is a yerei Shamayim, but is it fitting for you to dance with him?"

The Arizal laughed and said, "If the Rashbi danced with him, isn't it an honor for me to dance with him as well?"

(מסעות ירושלים, מאמר סדר יום עשירי, אות י"א)


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