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States of Conciousness – Part 4

by Reb Aharon Rubin, author of Eye to the Infinite on Mystical Paths

(An extract from the book Eye to the Infinite, updated edition, chapter States of Consciousness.)

Regu­lar repetition of Mitsvos brings their per­formance to the level of habit; when action is habitual and auto­matic and the mind focused and attached to the inner inten­t, the mind is drawn into a state of meditation. Pro­viding a point of constant fo­cus, through the repetition of a word, phrase or even thought, bringing it to the level of habit, is an im­portant meditation technique[1]. By com­bin­ing emo­tion - be it joy, fervour, or yearning - with repetition, we have at our disposal a formidable and pow­erful tool indeed, a tool that enables quick and sure access to a deeper and more profound conscious­ness.

Try this simple meditation now:

Sitting or standing comfortably, say ‘I love G-d and G-d loves me’.

(Try to feel that love and imagine G-d looking at you and loving you.)

Now say ‘G-d loves me and I love Him.’

(Again, feel that love and imagine G-d looking at you and loving you with an infinite, eternal love.)

Repeat ‘I love G-d and G-d loves me’ (feel the love) and ‘G-d loves me and I love Him.’ (Feel that love increasing). Keep on repeating the above, with fervour.

If you keep a journal, record the effects of this exercise. If you can, learn some Torah immediately following this meditation, or say a brocho over food or spices.

[1] This technique is used in hypnosis. Interestingly, Dr. J. Braid (Man­chester U.K. 1795-1860), the originator of the term ‘hypnosis’, initially called the state ‘mono-ideism’, i.e. the focus of the mind on a specific, selected idea.

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