Tuesday, May 08, 2012

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States of Conciousness – Part 3

by Reb Aharon Rubin, author of Eye to the Infinite on Mystical Paths

(An extract from the book Eye to the Infinite, updated edition, chapter States of Conciousness.)

One very im­portant method is the use of emo­tion. Emotion is the key to the sub­con­scious[1]. Once emo­tions are aroused, whatever those emotions may be, a door to the sub­con­scious opens and the in­ner mind easily ac­cessed. Each emo­tion is another door to (an­other facet of) the soul.

The kabbalists explain that attainment of higher states of conscious­ness is only possible through perfecting the lower states, e.g. the inner child or the state of restricted consciousness, the unconscious or the Yetser HoRoh; these states lay down the foun­dations for the higher states and serve as their periphery.

During medita­tion however, the every-day consciousness and the habit­ual mind com­bine and slow down, allowing the inner mind, the sub­conscious, to surface; through focusing on a thought, the conscious awareness of one’s sur­roundings together with the constant backdrop of ego-originated messages becomes muted as the conscious relaxes and merges with the unconscious, quietening the unconscious, allowing the profundity of the collective subconscious to come to the fore.

[1] ‘Every emotion is a key to the inner chambers of the soul’ [B’nei Machshovoh Toivoh by Rabbi Kalony­mus Kalman Shapira ztv”l hy”d].


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