Thursday, April 12, 2012

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The Jerusalem Promenade

One of the best views in Jerusalem is to be found on the Promenade.  The Promenade is in southeast Jerusalem (in a section called Arnona), on the next hilltop south of the Old City.  It’s very busy during Chol HaMoed, with many enjoying the view and large city park.

2012-04-11 078

In panorama…

2012-04-11 080

2012-04-11 085

The air was hazy, but that’s the Old City in the distance.

2012-04-11 083

Many families were enjoying Chol HaMoed out together…

2012-04-11 088

A bicycle built for the whole family!

2012-04-11 087

2012-04-11 095

Before we left, we joined an impromptu mincha minyan, perhaps the only time Jews of every stripe in Israel get together to pray.

2012-04-11 098

Moadim L’Simcha from Mystical Paths


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