Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Give That Man a Halo

Notice anything interesting about many of the pictures taken of U.S. President Obama?

(First picture from a news article today, used to note Obama commenting on events in North Korea.)


image  image

image image image image

(None of these are photoshopped.)

You are being manipulated.  Look for it.


Anonymous said...

I was a photojournalist for years. This is just good photography. If you have stuff in the background that is distracting, embrace it. Frame the subject and background in a way different than the other fifty photographers right next to you and you will get published above everyone else doing the same thing. Political photojournalism can be among the most boring and mundane... these photographers I'm sure welcomed the chance to frame something different than their peers, and make more royalty money.

Leah said...

Sorry, anonymous I'm with Mystical Paths on this one....

Akiva said...


Yes, it's great photos. The first guy who caught it did a great job. But it became a meme' to the great one, and that's manipulation.

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