Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Last Chance for Maos Chitim

Rabbi Ari Enkin of TorahMusings shares some of the halacha (Jewish religious obligation and laws) of providing charity for the poor for Passover…

(Rabbi Ari Enkin) Ma’ot chittim, also known as “kimcha d’pischa”, refers to the obligation upon everyone to donate funds prior to Pesach in order to help the poor to cover their holiday expenses. Not only is Pesach the festival of freedom but it is also intended to impart within every person a feeling of royalty. As such, efforts must be made to ensure that even the poor can feel this way. It is for this reason that Pesach is the only holiday which merited having a charity collection dedicated entirely to it. While on most other holidays one is encouraged to invite the less fortunate to eat their holiday meals in one’s home[1], on Pesach one should rather ensure that every person has the means and ability to experience their own seder in their own home.[2] …

The origins of a specific Pesach fund are quite ancient and are even mentioned in the Talmud.[7]

[1] Rambam Yom Tov 6:18, [2] Bishvilei Haparasha p.189, Pesachim 109a, [7] Yerushalmi Bava Batra 1:6, Mishna Berura 429:3

Every year and Jewish holiday, we at Mystical Paths offer you the opportunity to donate directly to the needy in Israel for the holiday.  We do this as a direct mitzvah project, with no overhead costs of organization, advertising, offices, secretaries, etc.  Every single dollar, shekel, pound, euro, rand, rubel, wan, yen, or any currency goes directly to those in need. (With only credit card processing fees of ~3.5% and currency conversion fees of ~1%.) 

If you’d like your charity assistance to go direct to needy yidden in Israel, we’re ready to be your shaliach.  (We operate via Rabbi Nati’s registered Israeli charity Yesh Ma L’asot and with the rabbinical oversight of Rabbi Chaim Farro.)

You can donate RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW via this link

or here…

May Hashem bless you and everyone with a Kosher and Happy Passover, and may we merit the ultimate Passover with Moshiach tzidkaynu, mamash THIS YEAR IN JERUSALEM!!!


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