Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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What’s a Tape Deck?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


My adult daughter encountered a tape deck at work this week…

She was requested to activate the device, found the on switch and play button and off it went.

An hour later it stopped working, being busy with other matters it wasn’t important.

The next day she was on her own and needed to activate the music as part of the job.  She turned it on and pressed play…it wouldn’t go. She tried multiple times, it wouldn’t go!  What was wrong with this device?  Maybe it was just old and had broken.

The next day she remembered something from her childhood, having a tape player when she was a little girl.  There were all those other buttons, maybe one of them restarted it.  Wait wait…rewind!  That was it, she had to “rewind” the tape.

And then the tape runs out, and you have to change it to the other side.  What the heck is with this???

And, and, you can’t just tell it which song to play. 

How weird is that?

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