Sunday, January 15, 2012

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The Canada Forest of Jerusalem

After a cold rainy weekend, the start of the week began with bright sun, wet ground and a chill.

I drove to Jerusalem “the back way”, passing through the Judean hills and one of the most scenic drives in Israel.  That drive was enhanced by the sun glistening from the wet trees and a cold fog rising up from the ground.  Along the way I stopped at “The Canada Forest of Jerusalem, planted in 1960 by contributions of Canadian Jewry”…

2012-01-15 Jerusalem Hills 022

The pictures don’t do the view justice.  It’s rarely wet and sunny in Israel (make that it’s rarely wet in Israel), so it was truly something special.  The fog was almost spooky.

2012-01-15 Jerusalem Hills 025

2012-01-15 Jerusalem Hills 030

Thank’s Canadian Jewry of 1960!  This little beautiful piece of Israel flourishes due to you.  And that’s pretty cool.  Yes, it’s “only” trees, but it shows how the Jewish people invest in BUILDING, building up the gift of the Land of Israel to the Jewish people.

2012-01-15 Jerusalem Hills 023


yaakov said...

yafeh!!! you can almost smell the fresh air. thanks for posting!

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