Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Israeli Forest Views

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

One of the wonder stories of Israel is the reforestation of the Land.  The Ottoman Empire and the British stripped the Land of Israel for every resource it had.  One of these was wood, which was used during World War I.

The result was a denuded Israel (with the associated problems of runoff and soil erosion).  For over 100 years Keren KaYemet L’Yisroel raised money from Jews around the world to plant trees throughout the hills of Israel.

Today you can literally see on Google Maps how Israel is forested right up to the borders.  Or you can take a walk down a forest lane…





eli057 said...

Hi Akiva ,

Can you comment or write on article on these recent events with the hilltop youth Israeli police and IDF? Is Israel sliding toward civil war ch'v or are these minor disturbances that are being sensationalized?

Thank you,


yaakov said...

this is great. please post more photos.... and tell where they are located. thank you so much!

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