Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Israel High Tech

photos by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Got tech?  Israel does…and if you do, Israel is looking for your skills.  Need a job?  The Israeli tech market is hiring!  Be a high tech Jew in his or her homeland.

Intel building, Kiryat Areyeh – Petach Tikvah


EMC building, Kiryat Areyeh – Petach Tikvah


IBM building, Kiryat Areyeh – Petach Tikvah


Cyber Ark building, Kiryat Areyeh – Petach Tikvah



Anonymous said...

I have a friend who's Orthodox Jew, with payos. Ended up in Israel Intel, and he lost his payos, and no longer looks like an Orthodox Jew, more like a regular Israeli.

Akiva said...

What's your point, that a Jew fell? That it's better for a Jew to work for non-Jews in the U.S.? Or that a religious Jew shouldn't step outside of the yeshiva?

Anonymous said...

More often than not, jews work for jews and with jews in the diaspora. And things are not so perfect with jewish colleagues, employers, and employees, and with jewish customers and jewish suppliers, in the Medinat.

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