Monday, September 12, 2011


Eye to the Infinite–Half Price Sale

Reb Aharon Rubin’s book on Jewish meditation, Eye to the Infinite, is on sale for 1/2 price from now until Rosh Hashana.  And his new Kindle e-book edition is 75% off (the paper full price).

Check it out at his site.  (Scroll to the bottom for ordering information.)

Kosher Jewish meditation, Mystical Paths approved Smile


Anonymous said...

FYI - I bought the kindle version and was extremely disappointed. None of the diagrams/illustrations/pictures (whatever) are included. Do not waste your money on the kindle version, for it's only a half baked idea. I'll wait and see if the entire book goes up for sale in the States. If not, I don't need it.

Aharon said...

I am sorry about your experience with the kindle version; the Jewish-Meditation site [] does warn that as Kindle does not recognise Hebrew characters, all Hebrew letters had to be omitted. Moreover, Kindle cannot display diagrams, etc, though I understand they are working on improved versions. Other people have reported that they found the kindle version very helpful as they could instantly refer to the footnotes, and easily go back again to the main text.
The highly-discounted price of the kindle version does indicate that it is not quite as good as the paper-back or the pdf downloadable version, both available on site, yet nonetheless, for those people who do not understand Hebrew or who can readily visualise the first few letters of the Hebrew Alef-Bet, I believe the kindle book a viable and very economical option.
As to your query regarding the sale of the book in the States, the book is already available in America. For more information, please contact admin. at

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