Sunday, August 21, 2011

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On the Face of Evil

insights by Reb Aharon, author of Eye to the Infinite @ Mystical Paths

A gut voch!

In reply to the previous post, “The Face of Evil”, which included a picture of a man who’s literally calling to drink Jewish blood…

The Ari HaKodosh says it's spiritually harmful to look at a Rosho's (an evil one’s) face just as, conversely, looking at a tsaddik's (a righteous one’s) face brings holiness.

(Reb Akiva adds…  Several people also pointed out that involvement with foul language coarsens one and is not useful as a source of inspiration or positive direction.)

(As we are now 40 days from Rosh Hashana) A kesivoh vechasimoh toivoh.


Anonymous said...

so remove the mamzers photo and the piece already! we do not need to be reminded or stressed by such things esp on a torah blog.

this is not healthy.

please remove that post.

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