Sunday, July 24, 2011

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Watch Out!

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

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     Watch out for the Three Weeks, and the Nine Days, even more so. This is a time when tempers can flare with little or no reason. Also, you may find yourself bumping into walls (and then, maybe even yelling at the wall.) Just plain stupid things can pop unexpectedly trying to catch you to see if you will smile or blow your stack. When these kinds of things happen, if you will say, “Aha! The Three Weeks!” then you will not react so strongly. The more times you catch it, the easier it becomes.

     For instance, as soon as the Three Weeks began, well, really the next day, I bit down on a hard piece of fruit and I ripped the inside of my gum. “Ow!” Boy did that hurt. I still can’t chew food on that side of my mouth. Okay, how do I see it? It has to be, “me and my big mouth.” I do sometimes say things loudly without thinking. Or else why did it happen to my mouth and not my foot?

    The next morning, I told my dentist, who happens to daven (pray) in my minyan (quorum) what happened. I said, “I bit down on a hard piece of fruit and I ripped my gum! What can I put on it?”

     “On the fruit?” he asked.

     Now, that’s got to be the Three Weeks.


Shiloh said...

There was a kippa wearing Jew on Emek Refaim the other day. He drove a school bus for young religious students. He was stopped on the street, full of morning traffic. His door was open so you could not see him from the rear as you approached, but from the front he was in full view. What was he doing, hanging his dilly out, watering the road. These three weeks sure can be difficult. He certainly did not like the fact that I pointed out his chillul haShem. Who would have dreamed of such a mess.

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