Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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A Priest, a Rabbi and Jockey walk…

The changing face of Judaism.  When an advertising agency goes out to find a rabbi for an ad, who do they look for nowadays?

(please see notes after the video – direct video link here.)

The rabbi in the video is a Chabad chossid from Los Angeles.  The other two are actors.

His rebbitzen noted on a community forum ‘the product is kosher, the company’s products are very popular with Jews, and it was a great way to help cover our children’s yeshiva tuition bills!’


Anonymous said...

Sadly in gilgul many rabbis religious leaders are of the erev rav who the ramchal defines as zerah amalak the gra defines erev rav as edomite souls . the besht says the rabbis will delay the geulah and he cried . As for you guys your wonderful in my opinion . You still "feel" your zhus is great , your not baba sali but no one is supposed to be until geulah shleimah . Thankyou and send your blessings always to the remnant of israel and until Hashem finally finally decides to turn the tables on israels enemies , of course in the zchut of those whove studied pnimiut hatorah .

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