Thursday, July 07, 2011


Jewish Education

true stories from the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

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Sometimes the picture says it all.


s said...

good hands on experience

Shiloh said...

Nice, hope his prayers will be answered.

Speaking of a Jewish education, a Charedi friend of mine got a letter from his daughter's principle stating that she will not be welcome back to the Beit Yaakov system because, God forbid, she volunteered in one of Jerusalems hospitals to help with prenatal babies. Ya, that's it, that's the ONLY reason.

I was at a rabbi's house today who is from The Meir Yeshivah. He was speaking of how bad the midot are of many Jews. He lives in Meah Shearim. I asked him if anyone would listen to any instruction. He thought for a minute and thought maybe. I chucked and replied, there is no way anyone will listen to anything now adays.

So, the bigger issues like you (Akiva and Gutman) and I disagree on, let's let the Mashiach decide. Hows that. So, the above two issues I brought up. Surely this needs addressed. How can you repair the system enought to teach people decent midot? Or with the 1st issue?

I am around the Charedim and Chasidim 99% of the time and yes, there are issues that can be looked at. Why not start on some of these?

If we are to be the Light unto the Nations, let's do so.


Akiva said...

Ok. Send me some suggestions or an article. Email's on the sidebar.

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