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Tikkunim of Lag B’Omer

by Reb Aharon @ Mystical Paths

Most people are familiar with the kabalistic Tiqqun (spiritual repair) for each day of the Omer (listed in Chabad, Chassidic and Sephardic siddurim-prayer books) and that the middoh to be meditated upon for the day of Lag Bo'Omer is Hod ShebeHod.

However, few people know that there is another, equally valid and complementary set of tiqqunim that starts from the last middoh, i.e. Malchus ShebeMalchus, and works it way upwards, till the 49th day of counting the Omer, the day of Chessed ShebeChessed.
According to this latter system, Lag Bo'Omer works out as the day of Tiferes ShebeTiferes.

LagBomer2010 241 - adjustedSo on Lag B’Omer we have Hod ShebeHod and/or Tiferes ShebeTiferes.

Both Hod and Tiferes can be translated as glory, but whereas Hod is a type of passive glory, the glory of a king by the fact that he is king, Tiferes is a more active glory, it is the glory of pride, the beauty, the point of focus of the king.

When I choose to daven to G-d, when I choose to rely wholeheartedly on the Creator of the world Who chose B'nei Yisroel, when I give myself over to Him, I am making Him my Tiferes; He becomes my reson d'etre. When I choose to thank Him, to subjugate myself to Him, that is an expression of the middoh of Hod.

G-d's Glory, as it were, is bound with His people. This is His attribute of Hod, the 'passive' Glory. But when His people do His Will, they become His Pride, His focus, His Beauty, His Tiferes.

And the Tsaddiq, he is Tiferes ShebeTiferes, the Pride of His Pride.

This is Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and the symbol of his יום הילולא, may his merit guard and guide us, Omein.


  1. The author, Reb Aharon, sent me these by email...

    1. Shar HaKavonos Derushei Pesach [offhand I think its derush 7];
    2. Yishaye 49:3

    26 x 27 = שבת = שמעון בר יוחאי
    26 x 33 [ל"ג] =

  2. = ציון שמעון בר יוחאי


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