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Do You Really Believe?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image001     Someone asked: “Do you actually believe that G-d made the world approximately 6000 years ago? That He made Adam, and then Chava from Adam’s ribs? It is impossible for me to digest this. Impossible!”

Gutman’s answer:

      Many issues are involved in dating the Creation. The first controversy involves the scientists’ estimate of billions of years. One of the problems with their estimates is that they frequently change. Within the last 20 years, scientists reduced their opinion of the age of the universe by half, due to what was called a “mathematical miscalculation.” With science, you never know the final opinion until everything is over.

     Scientific estimates are based on a dating process that considers certain things to be constant. If it turns out, as some scientists now believe, that this has only been a recent constant, then their estimate will again be substantially changed. But even if the current estimates are correct, remember that the Torah says that the sun and moon were not created until the fourth day of creation,[i] so there was no such thing as a “year” as we know it, until that time.

     Although I doubt that their estimates are accurate, this does not stop me from using science for my benefit. I still enjoy looking at pictures of the outer galaxies that are now available, thanks to modern science.

     And what if scientists turn out to be correct about the age of the universe? This would not stop me from following the Torah, which has ensured the survival of the Jewish People for the past 4,000 years.

     The Talmud says such things as, “G-d braided Chava’s (the first woman) hair and brought her to Adam.”[ii] Are we to take this literally? It is possible, but the intended teaching is that Hashem made Chava attractive to Adam. And He did a really good job of it, too, because to this day, Adam is still attracted to Chava. G-d gives each object in Creation the molecules, genes, and feelings that it needs in order to fulfill its purpose in creation.

     Whether the world is 6000-years old or 6 billion years-old does not change my daily life. But knowing that there is a Creator (which science does not acknowledge) surely does affect my life.

     Whereas “science” changes its mind frequently, the Torah has never changed a single letter.

[i] Genesis 1:14
[ii] Gemara Shabbos

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  1. I recommend the great book: "G-d according to G-d" By Dr. Gerald Schroeder.... He is a physicist and Torah observant Jew who lives in Israel.


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