Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Special Protection?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Do the Jewish people merit special protection in the Holy Land?  (And we will NOT debate whether the Jewish people are worthy of such protection, whether they are perfectly righteous or rather subject to errors and their inclinations.)

The holy seforim say yes, the holy sages say yes.  But do the people say yes?

Israelis are renowned for getting things done, whatever it takes.  From American eyes, how they do this without accidentally killing themselves is a wonder.  Or is it?   (seen this morning in Jerusalem)


The amazing thing about terror attacks in Israel isn’t (G-d forbid) the number hurt or killed, but the number of attempted attacks that are constantly thwarted.  Yes, societal vilganecy and police skills are required.  But still, that many tries failing?  It’s almost…supernatural. 

(This morning in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem – the bomb squad blows up a suspicious package at a bus stop.)



No, the Torah does not allow one to endanger one’s life.  But as a recent argument on Emes ve’Emunah showed, American’s who have become used to a nanny State can’t relate to Israeli Jews who have become used to living in the Hand of Hashem.

(As identified by Mystical Paths readers, the Angel’s Trumpet tree and flowers…highly toxic and dangerous to even touch and banned from cultivation in many cities around the Western world!  Growing in front of an apartment building across from a school in Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem.)


It takes some getting used to and is almost impossible to relate to outside of Eretz Yisroel (the Land of Israel).  No, we shouldn’t do stupid or dangerous things, nor rely on miracles to get by.  But when that factor keeps coming into play…it does make a difference in how you operate.

…And how you believe.


  1. Can someone get them to cut it down?

  2. Fantastic pictures, so very Israeli! Send to JPIX!

  3. "Israeli Jews who have become used to living in the Hand of Hashem"

    You are not the only one, my friend.
    Diaspora Jews too have become used to living in the Hand of Hashem. Hashem is everywhere.




    just to name a few...


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