Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Passover Campaign Report

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your shaliach, your messenger of charity, for this Passover.  All donations have been received and were either already distributed or are being distributed (a remaining few) today (a few in Jerusalem).

We received a wide range of donations from all over the world.  It’s very heartening to see that people care and are willing to stop and help their needy brothers and sisters in Israel for the holiday.  Some donations were small – and greatly appreciated!  In a few cases people gave multiple times, indicating they kept the needy in mind and when they had a bit they could give, they did.  Some donations were large and we must say WOW, you stopped us in our tracks with the knowledge that people are willing to help so much!

And what of the needy?

First let me say people try.  Nobody wants to need charity.  Oh it may be easy to sit in better circumstances and say “they made some poor decisions” or “they didn’t deal with their circumstances as they should have.”  But the truth is all of us make some poor decisions and sometimes don’t deal well with our circumstances.  If we’re fortunate we have enough resources to survive our poor decisions or family to pull us through our circumstances.  But not everyone does and not everyone has.

…The mother and daughter were going to spend Passover in the dark, they made a choice between rent and electric and rent won.  Because of your help their Passover will be in the light.

…The father’s a Torah scholar and a teacher, and is now out of a job.  He’s struggling to make something tutoring but is falling behind on all his family’s bills.  With your help he’ll have a full seder table this year.

…The father’s a rabbi but stays home taking care of a special needs son.  The mother tries but job cutbacks have cut into their basic expenses to the point where day to day bread is a challenge.  Their empty refrigerator is full for this Passover.

…and a real challenge.  My annoying neighbor from downstairs.  We’re not friends, we don’t get along.  But our building manager came by for the monthly building fee and mentioned they haven’t been paying their building fee, or their rent.  If you can’t pay you’re rent, what are you doing for a seder?  They got an anonymous envelope and a knock on the door (as we ran away).

…and more.

YOU made a difference.  May Hashem bless every donor abundantly and bring the full blessings of Passover to every seder table.  In the merit of charity, in the merit of helping your fellow who you don’t even know on the other side of the world, in the merit of ahavas chinam (love with no reason), for the holiday of redemption may we all merit the complete and final redemption this year!

…thank you.  A kosher and happy Passover.

[ Forgive me.  It’s not a glossy campaign report and we don’t have PR staff to phase everything in perfect glowing terms to pull your heart strings for the next campaign.  We’re just two Jews doing what we can.  Wait, it’s not true!  With your partnership we’re not just two Jews doing what we can, we’re many many more! ]


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