Sunday, April 24, 2011

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The Night of Our Redemption!

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

Remember my friends! Tonight is the time of the real redemption. Tonight is the night that The Sea Reeds split and we were all truly saved!

Hashem did what was good and continues to do what is good.

Everything is with amazing Divine Providence. And know this is the essential force behind all miracles and redemptions, especially the first Redemption, the Exodus from Egypt, which took place and will take place tonight (the 7th night of Passover).

And it is all through His salvation and amazing Divine providence.

For in truth all that happens to us everyday is by no means a trivial matter, and every person has to remember this every single day.

It is necessary to remember this, and remember it well every day!

'For Hashem heard, Hashem saw, Hashem REMEMBERED!'

Thanks to the living G-D that He provided us with the complete remedy before the illness arrived.

This is a remez (a hint) to those who are awake and can see and hear. Because we know about such amazing light of lights, the likes of whom has never before existed! And do not forget the kindness that Hashem has done for us in this regard.

It is the answer, and the comfort, and the cure for everything that confronts each of us every single day. Be careful to guard and watch over your souls' carefully! That you not forget what you you have seen with your mind's eye and what your ears have heard from the day that you became aware of all this until today, to remember! "That all comes from and is Hashem!!!!

It is good to thank Hashem who has helped us this far! It is very fitting to be greatly joyful on this night (the 7th night of Passover) and at midnight to sing 'Az Y'shir Moshe'... out loud and with kavanah! To dance, and long for the final redemption until davining at Neitz Hachamah (prayers at dawn). This night has the greatest spiritual potential!!!

The night of our leaving Egypt behind and Freedom!

Fortify yourselves determinedly to fill yourselves with joy, especially on this Yom Tov! "For even slave girls and commoners saw what the prophets could not!"

Accustom yourselves to being free men!

And know we have someone who is preforming on our behalf all tikunim and rectifications we need at all times. It is incumbent upon us to joyfully praise the Master and Creator of All. For we have been able to know about the one who is engaging in the rectification of our souls for all eternity. *Hashem Himself and no other* For He alone is the Tzaddik HaEmes! And He alone can save us!

May it be His will to send you and me a complete Salvation! So that we may be worthy of truly attaining the joy of Yom Tov. And making a completely new start, from this point on in drawing close to Hashem.

Now and forever! AMEIN!

Gut Yom Tov from Beit Shemesh, Eretz HaKodesh (the Holy Land), Eretz Yisroel (the Land of Israel).

Reb Nati


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