Thursday, April 14, 2011


Got Sheep? (Not Me!)

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

LambBlog Life in Israel reports the following quote from the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel…

Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, when asked about the possibility of us bringing the korban this year, “Shtuyot! Who are we to bring the korban pesach?”

Life in Israel responded noting he’d never heard of levels of greatness required to bring the korbon pesach, and the Torah requires it upon every Jew if possible.

And then one of his commentors added this…

Maybe he views it in the same frame as for example a tefillat nedava. Let's start doing properly the things that are definitely necessary to be done before we go looking for new things to do.

New things? NEW THINGS???? Korbon Pesach (the Passover sacrifice) is a NEW thing???  We're going to chumra (add extra stringencies) our Pesach (Passover) up to our necks...and we're calling Korbon Pesach a NEW thing?

Both the comment and the Chief Rabbi’s (reported) quote show a VERY VERY troubling trend.  Clear mitzvot from the Torah (that are clearly explained and instructed in the Gemora) are IGNORED or just considered impossible without any thought.

Yet we’ll focus on every stringency, minchag, communal custom, as if it’s Torah m’Sinai (as if it’s the literal written word of G-d).

I am NOT a karite (a Torah literalist who ignores the words of our rabbis and the Gemora).  But I do not understand how we can ignore a mitzvah d’orisa?

You tell me.  WHY are WE not bringing a korbon pesach this year?

Rabbi Nati was passing through the Yaffa Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem yesterday.  There was a police blockade with dogs inspecting cars.  What were they looking for?  LAMBS or KIDS (baby goats)!  Why?  Because some Jews living in the Old City were attempting to bring some lambs or baby goats home to prepare for the Passover sacrifice.

Rabbi Nati watched as the police were confiscating (in two different cases) lambs from men trying to bring them home before Passover.

THOSE JEWS can stand before Shamayim and say “because of external factors I was unable to bring the Korbon Pesach”.

Those Jews can say “if the path was blocked by the Hand of Heaven (via the arm of the State), then it is the will of Heaven that I not be able to bring the Passover sacrifice”.

If we tried and were blocked (by the State or by religious threats or security threats or lack of money or lack of access)...  If we prepared but were unable to get all the needed items, appropriate trained people, or there was a real blocking halachic issue (there isn’t)…

If so….but if not, what is our excuse?


  1. If it won't be Goats and Sheep, oh my, then it's Sacrificial Personification, alla Hannibal Lecter, unholywood-style.

  2. How about fixing our calendar when even the gemara states the error. Great thoughts, but forget it will happen sadly. The Erev Rav are killing us spiritually, no?

  3. Akiva, as far as i am aware, the Karaites use the Tanach as the only source of scripture. All halachot must come from the Tanach as opposed to rabbinical judaism taking most of the halachot from the Talmud Bavli. Their stance for this is that there is not a single mention of an oral Torah anywhere in the Tanach. Not even a hint.

    Another area they follow the scripture and 'normative judaism' does not, is basing the new year on the aviv. Also, they take the new month as seeing the first sliver of the new moon. Akiva, this is Torah Judaism, period. You can find in the Talmud where there is a discussion stating that this was used as the method along with the fixed calender from the convert Rabbi Akiva who brought with him a pagan practice. Suprise.

    If a Jew is defined by the Torah, logically that makes most Jews today not even Jewish by their statement that they follow the Torah, when they don't but follow the precepts of men (again, prophecied by the Tanach). Actually it's turned us into a nation of idoloters. The obsession with the minute, the micron while missing the point of the Torah and the major mitvoth of the Torah.

    We have some real problems here. At least the Karaites are doing their utmost following the Torah. By default this would make them most Jewish by the Torah definition. The rest pretend to sit on the seat of Moshe but don't teach it. Sad but true. Think about it over pesach.

  4. "You tell me. WHY are WE not bringing a korbon pesach this year?"

    I agree with your sentiment. Just a question of:
    Where, exactly, should it be brought?
    Who should bring it?

  5. Alex,

    The details are clear from the Mishna and Gemora. Where and how are directly written.

    Who is every Jew (in groups).

  6. sorry, this is why i only rarely read this blog. it troubles me greatly when you question and disdain the chief rabbi of israel? or other great rabbeim. you may be a very learned person. but it's like the guys at the temple mount institute (not saying you are like them exactly)..they have the nerve to go against the torah sages and condone visits to the temple mount.
    this is not good for am yisrael and neither is your disdaining rav amar. when you disdain him, because he is the chief rabbi, you are in essence 'separating yourself from the commmunity' and this is a very bad thing. i don't think you intend that, but this is how it comes across.

  7. when you disdain the chief rabbi of israel you are disdaining the people of israel. not good, not good at all. there is a chutzpadik aspect here that is not healthy.
    and now, i won't be looking at this blog again for a long time.


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