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Charity for Passover – If I Sit By…

If I sit by and do nothing, I am responsible.  We, the Jewish people, are a nation, a people, and a community.  When I can help I must help.  When I (G-d forbid) need help, I can ask for it and expect the community, the people, to help me.

Pesach, Passover, is a time of stress for the needy, the poor, those on the edge and those struggling to survive today.  The Torah gives us the mitzvah of tzedakah, which we translate equally as charity and righteousness.  And the sages have taught us the communal requirement of Maos Chitim and Kimcha D’Pischa, providing those in need with food and wine for the Passover holiday.

Past Passover Appeal Video–Still Appealing!
Here at Mystical Paths we turn to you before the Jewish holidays and ask for your help to enable us to help the poor of Eretz Yisroel, the Holy Land of Israel, for each holiday.  Passover is the season of our redemption, yet a family that barely has bread and milk on their table during the year doesn’t feel free with a need for matzah and wine upon them for Passover.  And as spring comes and the children’s feet are poking through the holes of torn winter boots, they don’t feel festive with a need to provide 1 single pair of summer shoes for unprotected growing feet.

After our Purim campaign the calls started to arrive… “Will you remember us for Pesach?”  “Will you have something to help for Passover?”  “Please, please don’t forget us for Passover.”

Rabbi Nati & Reb Akiva… we are just two chassidim doing what we can.  Our personal ability is limited to a few dollars to give, this blog and your help.  Please make us your shaliach, your messenger of tzedakah, charity and righteousness, to help our neighbors in need (which include Torah scholars, rabbis, and holy men and women who have lost their jobs, widows, women abandoned by their husbands, those with health situations that prevent them from supporting themselves, those taking care of spouses or children with severe problems that limit their ability to work).

We do this with no overhead, no office expenses, no advertising expenses, keeping NOTHING for ourselves (G-d forbid we should take a “commission” on tzedakah!)  100% of every donation (minus credit card or check processing expense and money changing expense, about 5%) goes directly into the hands of those in need.

If you haven’t already elsewhere, please consider fulfilling your mitzvah of Maos Chitim / Kimcha D’Pischa here.  [ Certified by Rabbi Nati’s registered/authorized Israeli charity Yesh Ma L’asot and supervised by Rabbi Chaim HaKohein Farro of Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. ]  Every single dollar, shekel, pound, euro, rubal, rand, kronor, peso, wan helps make a difference.  Every donation is worthy and together it all adds up!

In the merit of your tzedakah and everyone else’s, may Hashem bring us Moshiach Tzidkaynu, mamash today!

A brief extra note. Rabbi Nati received a call after the Purim campaign from another rav screaming at him "why didn't you take some for yourself, you're in need too!" We DO NOT take one penny (agorah, cent) from it's designated purpose! IF you want to help us personally, and it's not easy for either of us, we've added a "tip the bloggers" option during a credit card donation checkout. You can add a note designated a portion for us, IF YOU WISH. Absolutely no obligation!

You may donate by credit card or by check or bank transfer. Info below or email us at


Reb Akiva's Passover Campaign
Box 70029
Beit Shemesh, 99620


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