Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Tilting at CNN Windmills

There’s something insidious about CNN reporting nowadays.  Al Jazeera is at least obvious about their strong bias.  CNN tries to hide it…


The message here is obvious and straightforward…and a lie. It is “a muslim religious holy site destroyed by terrible violent people in war!”

For a moment I thought CNN was criticizing Obama and the war against Libya.  Silly me.

“Satellite images of a Libyan city, provided to CNN by an (anonymous secret hidden GOVERNMENT) intelligence source, appear to show evidence that pro-Gadhafi forces razed a mosque.”  Oh My G-d, the Libyan leader is not just a genocidal madman, he’s an anti-muslim genocidal madman (muslim).

“The two images of an area of Zawiya, west of Tripoli, were taken February 20 and March 20, according to the source, who provided them on condition of anonymity.”  But just happens to have access to intelligence satellite photographs and is willing to share.

“In the first picture, a mosque can clearly be seen just south of Zawiya's Martyrs' Square, but in the later picture, the mosque is gone.”  Oh My G-d, the mosque is GONE!  What happened?  Why did this evil man bulldoze a mosque?  A mosque, a holy religious site in a holy public square!

On a side note, you can learn a lot about a culture from what they name their public squares and streets.  Martyrs’ Square, that’s (not) where I aspire to hang out. 

“the mosque served as a … rallying point and command center for the resistance.”

I’m no fan of the Libyan madman.  He’s caused enough trouble for Israel and the world, as well as being a terrorizing dictator of his people.  But in war, if one side is using a mosque as a command center, the other side is within it’s rights according to international law to attack the facility.  If that results in it’s destruction, it’s the fault of those who used it in a war role.

“The mosque was badly damaged during fighting to retake the city, the CNN team reported.”

And it would seem the Libyan army then leveled it to either clear the battlefield for the future (a valid war reason), for safety reasons (a valid reason), or to make a point in the midst of an uprising (debatable according to international law).

The results are legitimate, CNN’s presentation is propaganda and a lie to inflame passions in support of the war against Qaddafi.  And this exact technique is frequently used against Israel and the Jews.

Again, I’m no fan of the Libyan nutcase, by why is CNN suddenly lying to support a war???  (Knee jerk reaction to support anything President Obama does?)


  1. Why did Arutz Sheva run a story entitled, "Qaddafi is Jewish and I'm His Cousin, especially right after their article entitled, "Qaddafi Crushed the Graves in the Jewish Cemetery"...?


    I haven't asked this until now, because of avak lashon hara. I'd rather stay away from politics these days. The lines have long since been drawn in the sand and HaShem's running things as He sees fit. So, why get all bent out of shape?

    That said.... The media does make me shake my head and roll my eyes.

  2. It seems that the media still believes its original analysis about the Arab uprising being 'pro-democracy'. Typical leftist shortsightedness. Yes, Kaddafi must go, but leftists do not think about what really will follow him and believe that the world is full of like-minded people who want extreme-liberal democracy.


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