Thursday, March 24, 2011


Thank You Grandma

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image003 (3)     I talked this young American tourist into putting on tefillin yesterday. He is a Ph.D candidate in clinical psychology, almost ready for his degree… a normal, nice, intelligent, Jewish guy. But he had never put on tefillin before. He is far from knowing anything at all about his (our) spiritual inheritance. He really knows almost nothing about our traditions and history.

     When I took his picture, I used my regular talk to get him to smile. I said, “Now you have to make a promise and keep it, or your camera is going to blow up! No matter what happens, you have to marry only a Jewish girl!”

     They almost always smile when I say this, and that’s when I snap the picture. If that doesn’t work I add, “Do you know why you have to marry only a Jewish girl? So your mother doesn’t break both your legs!” That one almost always gets them.

     But with this guy, who is so far away. I didn’t know what to expect. When I told him that he had to marry a Jewish girl, I was happily surprised to hear his answer. He laughed loudly, looked up at the sky and said, “Thank you, Grandma!” Still laughing, he said to me, “You are a channel for my grandmother’s voice. She is speaking through you!”

     Okay, so what do we see here? He is so, so far away from knowing anything about his spiritual life that he probably doesn’t even know the first thing about keeping Shabbos. His family never showed him these things. But his grandma, G-d bless her soul, told him over and over again, “You have to marry a Jewish girl.” This much he has heard before. And I think that, because of his love and respect for his grandmother, he will probably be careful to marry only a Jewish girl.

     It is sad that he did not also hear it from his mother and his father. It is a valuable treasure that he had heard it so many times from his mother’s mother. And your grandchildren… are they hearing it? How about your friends’ grandchildren? If their grandma doesn’t know enough to tell it to her children’s children, can you jump in and give them this wonderful gift?


  1. nice normal guy guarantee you mashiach wont be a nice normal guy !

  2. Reb Locks, a question for you. It's all well and good to keep saying "Only marry a Jewish girl!" but there is an actual reason why many Jewish men are looking elsewhere. What about all the normal, nice, intelligent Jewish guys who want to find nice, normal, intelligent Jewish girls--but keep finding only nice, somewhat-on-the-crazy-side, liberal/leftist Jewish girls--and who aren't getting any younger as they continue searching?

  3. It's pretty sad to think the most important thing about Judaism his grandmother passed on to him was to only marry a Jewish girl.

    At least my grandmother passed on matzah and a chanukiah, a couple of things that actually have to do with actual mitzvot.

  4. I agree its not who you marry jew or gentile but the quality of that person and the quality of the relationship and the emunah in Hashem the 2 of you share together ! Its a big world out there alot of gentiles are jewish souls and many many jews are gentile ones !

  5. I disagree with the previous ananymous post but agree strongly with anonymous #2 liberal leftist semi crazy jewish women ?! whats that crap all about ?! is Hashem playing a joke on us ?! so many xtian women wouldnt touch them with 10 foot pole are into god whatever that means church country family humility ! I guess xtianity has taught many of them something but has 2000 years of wandering taught us anything or is the answer we as a people have greatly regressed !?

  6. My only way of explaining as a single jewish male all the lousy left /crazy /godless/clueless jewish women and so many wonderful non jewish women who wish to believe in god or already do and are RIGHT not left !? Is the compforting words of the ramchal there is tikkun for the gentiles and theyll convert themselves naturally . Its just that right now there beautiful/right women are still bound by the ex traneous forces of the 3 unclean klipot from the sin of the tree of knowledge as ex plained in Tanya .

  7. Anon 8:47 here. I'm so glad to see that others out there are experiencing--suffering-the same problem as I am. And this is obviously just a tiny tiny portion of the Jewish men experiencing this. But commiseration only goes so far--Reb Locks, or anyone else out there--any practical suggestions? This is a very serious problem facing individual Jewish men as well as the Jewish People as a whole.

  8. That comment should have read:

    The few guys commenting here are obviously only a tiny tiny portion of the tens or hundreds of thousands (or possibly millions?) of Jewish men who are experiencing this problem.

  9. when women rule israel its a curse !

  10. I have a real issue with the authors line " It is sad that he did not also hear it from his mother and his father" As to say my parents did something so bad. My grandma is the one who constantly tells me I have to marry a jew my parents do not and I love them for that. It is not sad that they didnt there are so many mitzvot that they have done for me over the years. They are loving supportive, understanding, and so much more, how dear you say it is sad they did not constantly pestering me with having to marry a jew. If it happens it happens


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