Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Poor? Yes there are, you can help!

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More people in need, less people able to help.  It’s a hard time and (G-d should help!) it’s getting harder around the world.  We can cry about it or we can make a point of pushing ourselves to do even more to help! 

We, Reb Akiva & Rabbi Nati, are committed to doing everything we can and more.  That means two chassidim creating a way for you to directly help the poor of the Land of Israel, the Holy Land.  And we’re doing it with NO OVERHEAD, no expenses (taken), and certainly (G-d forbid) no profit, no percentage, no salaries.  Only 100% tzedakah!  [Minus only credit card processing fees and money changing fees.]

Fulfill the mitzvah of matanot l’evyonim, charity/gifts for the poor for Purim, the best way…in Israel with 100% of your charity dollar, rand, shekel, euro, pound, kronor, ruble, yuan, going to the needy for Purim.  EVERY amount is worthy, every bit helps add up for the poor!

Our effort is coordinated through Yesh Ma L’asot, Rabbi Nati’s authorized Israeli Jewish charity, and supervised by Rabbi Chaim Farro.


The time has passed to help and fulfill the mitzvah of matanot l'evyonim for Purim 2011, but charity is always a mitzvah!

Thank you.  And may Hashem bless you that your Purim table be filled with good food, good drink, and simcha!

Note that donations are tax deductible in Israel.  Amuta number upon request.


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