Sunday, March 27, 2011


Next the UK?


Yesterday over 500,000 protestors marched against the government of the England, demanding regime change.

The government refused to respond to the will of the people and unleashed armed forces (pictured above) against the people.  Many were injured and many arrested, yet to be heard from.

Further, the regime of the England is a known aggressor regime that has violently and frequently attacked and conquered surrounding nations and peoples, including the oppressed peoples of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Not only have these nations been conquered but even speaking their native languages and practicing their native cultures have all been made illegal.

For these egregious human rights violations and practices of national encroachment and ethnic suppression, we declare the regime of England an outlaw regime and immediately demand the United Nations Security Council pass a resolution allowing international intervention to protect the civilian population of England as well as freeing the bound nations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

A coalition of willing international partners including Russia, Belarus, Serbia, and Turkmenistan, and China are ready to immediately implement a no-fly zone over England, preventing the quick deployment of aggressive security forces by the regime against the opposition.  While we do not expect the intervention to include forces on the ground, an international authorization would clearly include the right to arm the rebels.

We are currently working with various UN ambassadors to line up the votes for our proposal.  Being it took about 2 weeks to line up the vote for Libya, we’re hopeful this can be in place quickly.

If anyone has any thoughts on our proposal and can explain how it differs from the UN resolutions and world actions on Libya and on Iraq, we’d appreciate your input.


  1. An unconfirmed post in the Hadrei Haderim site last night claims that 20 synagogues were vandalized this Shabbat in Stamform Hill, London. Can anyone verify.

  2. Although it's no proof, I haven't seen or heard anything about this yet. And I live in Stamford Hill.
    Something looks mistaken there, at best.

  3. Your proposal does not matter. Why? Because the Libya invasion is a test case legally for the next invasion. Israel.

  4. Shiloh - I know.

    Josh - I did receive some confirmation, though it's not being talked about.

    "i received a note last night from MK [Manchester Kosher - an email network affiliated with Edgware Kosher of London] that there had been several burglaries of shuls etc, large items of silver stolen [e.g. Torah breastplates, pointers, silver trays, candelabras]"

  5. Akiva, if you get a chance, listen to tonights program (it will be podcasted tomorrow or tuesday) with Aaron Klein at 77WABC. He put's together much of who is behind this doctrine and how some of them are openly discussing what to do about the Israel problem.
    One is Samantha Powers, what a work of art she is.

  6. Heres the link for you and anyone else who is seeing this disaster waiting to happen.

    Your followup thoughts would be great.

  7. the enemy within//// does not isaiah say those who seek your destruction faulk,powers,soros,barak,idf kassam police,most jewish left professors in israel and abroad , israeli media last 25 years etc etc will come from within you the jewish people . Is this not what the gaon of vilna meant in his magnus opus the war with amalak is the erev rav from within who stimulates and joins the amalak from the nations without embodied in those of ishmael and edom who hate God and or Israel like our own amalak does ! !


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