Sunday, March 20, 2011


Mommy, Why Does CNN Hate Me?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

…because son, you’re a Jew in the Holy Land, in the Promised Land, in Israel, and a Jew in Israel is not a human, is not allowed to defend himself, and is responsible for his own murder if killed by terrorists or war crimes but commits a war crime if he defends himself or civilians from terrorists or war crimes…


[ Bad Jew, bad Jew, killing poor Palestinians! ]

Mommy, is it only CNN that hates me?


[ Gazan’s fire rockets and attack and die in the process. Ah, a bit of war in progress. ]

No son, the BBC hates you too.  Fortunately some other news outlets are more TRUTHFUL in their headlines…even Al Jazeera (though they hate you too, their honest about it).

CNN, you’d make Goebels proud!


  1. The BBC is worse than CNN because it is the flagship network for an entire nation. I wonder how many Anglo-Saxons will be living in Great Britain after Gog and Magog occurs. i would not be surprised if up to 75% of the British population will cease to exist. For 400 years Jews could not even live in Great Britain. Add to that the pograms and the vicious anti-Semitism of "popular" authors such as Houston Stewart Chamberlain, I have no doubt that at least 50% of the Anglo-Saxon population will not be here. Don-t ask me about the Scots. I don't know the history of anti-Semitism in Scotland.

  2. Mommy, why does my own neighbor despise me? Why does he want to rape me, kill me, burn my house down and shock me to the core with explosives? Why he intent on seeing me dead? I don't need to look elsewhere for the hate. It's right in my own backyard.

  3. I can prepare and defend myself (with G-d's help) from my violent neighbor.

    But as a sheep surrounded by 70 wolves, when the media starts to apply BBQ sauce and call me a meal - it's a problem.

  4. Akiva, do not think that the media and most gentiles only hate Israel and the Israelis. I've been traveling around the world for almost two decades. They hate of the Jewish People as a whole and it's part of the xtian and muslim beliefs and religion and has nothing to do with the Holy Land. Their hatred is as old as their religion. The reason why this hatred is so widespread. They believe: "The Jews are no longer the chosen nation. G-d cursed them long ago and now we, xtians and muslims, are the chosen and blessed ones. The Jews are...", gentile religious doctrine and brainwash. All of this Moshiach ben David will clarify soon.
    If the gentiles hate us it's a good sign, it proves how our essence is really different from theirs. They hate us as (it says) they hate Hashem. Antisemites hatred of the Jews stems from their hatred of Hashem, our essence, His Will and Law! This is very clear and easy to notice. No People on this planet share the same intimate connection to Hashem as the Jews. Be very very proud of the fact that the goyim hate you!

  5. Hatred of Jews = Praise of Jews

  6. Why is it a *problem*? Is not the same G-d who saves you from your neighbor, the same One who will save you from a pack of wolves?

  7. Yes, the same G-d saves us. But that doesn't relieve us of the responsibility to do our part. And pointing out the evil in what's going on gives a chance for the good among the nations to stand up in response.


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