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It’s About to Change

by Dov bar Leib of End of Days @ Mystical Paths

(With events in Japan) we are in Ateret HaYesod now. (From the world wide impact of the event) there is no question anymore.  The way the planet is run just changed for the first time since the (biblical) Flood.

The economics of Ateret HaYesod are a lot different than the economics of the world as it was run until last year.  The actual change over to Atereth HaYesod is occurring in 12 or 13 parts associated with the months of the Hebrew calendar. By the end of 5771 the changeover should be complete. It is marked by a change in economic characteristics.

Now that the world has entered Atereth HaYesod of the 6th Millennium, the world has just drastically changed spiritually as much as it did after the Great Flood. If one wants to prosper, the rules have just changed for the rest of time.

Only those who serve G-d lishma (purely for the sake of serving G-d with no ulterior motives) will prosper. There is no longer a world where someone can serve G-d to make money at the 32 2/3 level of purity.

Secondly a person who cannot judge another man without taking into account his extenuating circumstances will also not prosper anymore.

All of Esau's tricks and assumptions about how the world runs will no longer exist as of the end of the year 5771.


  1. I agree money is a joke ! women and tiva are in like before the flood ! this is our test the brit ! as rav nachman says ! the brit is the salt that sustains the world /zohar! most jews failed the test ! what will be for us when mashiach comes ?!

  2. WIth all due respect to B'nei Y'hudah, even more reason to support Israelis of Color, burgeoning kehilot from 3rd world nations, organizations that promote Jews of Color such as Be'chol Lashon, and encourage Israeli-based J.O.C. development such as Shavei Israel, especially B'nei Menashe initiatives (which are still in its infancy, but based on the burgeoning community's ethnic and demographic characteristics, can be accelerated exponentially; the Bene Ephraim movement (of Hodu) is just as intriguing and humble; and, B"H, mainstream media of the nations have no clue and will have no share, no matter how numerous their attempted theft and casting of lots are.

    B'nei Y'hudah are receiving too much world attention. This is bordering on Ayin Hara and endangering B'nei Yosef's allotments.

    B'nei Yosef's brachot belong to themselves only, and they are responsible for fulfilling their particular obligations. Besides, they are immune to Ayin Hara, unlike B'nei Y'hudah, by all accounts.

    The distinction between a regular Tsaddik (who is of the *LINE* of Moshiakh ben Yosef, Efrayim v'Menashe), and the actual Moshiakh ben Yosef (of the most unworthy generation) is that Moshiakh ben Yosef is able to make the theoretical into reality. By all accounts, as well as the official recognition by Israel's Rabbinical Authority of B'nei Menashe as part of Israel's fold, Moshiakh ben Yosef is darker, in many respects. According to the Midrash, the ancient Yisra'elite, much like the Yisra'elite today, had the appearance of "boxwood" or "honey brown."

    The difference between the period directly before and after the onset of haMoshiakh is the cessation of the servitude of Israel to the nations of the world (including the U.S./Edom/N.A.T.O./U.N./what have you).

    Moshiakh ben Yosef as per the Ramchal knows what needs to be done to bring the world to where it needs to be. The essence of his "suffering" is that he is unable to put this knowledge into concrete action. He is missing that essential characteristic of Joseph from the Chumash: "And whatever he (Joseph) does, Hashem makes successful" (Breisheet 39:23). Moshiakh ben Yosef of the most unworthy generation, on the other hand, succeeds in bringing us towards our goals. The exiles of Beis Yosef are gathered, Yerushalayim is secured. Truth rains. The End.

    To advance the collective soul, we must allow Moshiakh ben Yosef of each generation to lead us.

    To advance your place in space towards the Beis haMikdash, you must assist in the building of Erets Israel (and respecting elders entombed at Kever Yosef v'Kever Rachel, for starters) and gather the exiles from the four corners of the globe (not just from Magogian North and Edomic West).

    Now, understand the sin and scope of selling Yosef into slavery. The Shevatim descendants of the envious, workaholic brothers sinned against the leader of an up and coming generation and suffered prolonged exile, slavery, poverty, severe famine, persecution, and countless plagues. Even more so, the spies sinned against the entirety of K'lal Yisra'el.

    Repairing the sins of Yosef's brothers and their tribal descendants merits all of Israel to be redeemed earlier than scheduled (if such intended actions are executed accordingly), or at least qualitatively improve our experience in an increasingly chaotic world. And (super)naturally, that is perfectly logical. The Redemption comes to right the wrongs of history. Not entertain repeated recompense and merciless chastisement.

  3. All the monotheistic chatter about Messiahs is unnerving, so please mind the sobering reminder:

    Yeshayahu 60:22 - The smallest shall be for a thousand, and the lad for a mighty nation. I am Hashem, in its time, I will hasten it.

    The descendants of Ever, Yoktan and (archi-)Peleg are known as "small and numerous."

    When the smallest one shall be a thousand, which is to say Efrayim, who is called the smallest one, in other words, Yosef, then the Redemption will be accelerated. If the wrongs of history are not made right, then the journey will be a steep and arduous incline.

    This is due to the sin of the selling of Yosef. I will not detail this further. Y'all should know better, by now.

    Moshiach will be revealed in Erets Galilee. This is referring to Moshiakh ben Yosef, for B'nei Yosef's inheritance includes HaGalil.

    But if B'nei Menashe, elder brethren of Bene Ephraim by all accounts, and forerunners of the ingathering of the entirety of Beis Yosef, including Ethiopian Jewry, Kaifeng Jewry, the millions of B'nei Anusim, eretzetera, is relegated to menial tasks in E"I or if the Israeli government continues to discourage aliyah of Kehilot of Color (but strangely encourages goyim tourism), then what's the point of speculation? Therefore, this arrogant and confusing Bavel-incarnated generation deserves a severe kick in the tuchus.

    Take note:

    The Redemption of the preceding Messiah (notwithstanding the end times role of Moshiakh ben Y'hudah because they are a dynamic Moshiakh pairing) is approaching verily quickly, wherein Israel and the Jewish diaspora will be free of the servitude of the putrid and puny [United Nada] nations. But this is not the end of your labor. These years are the end of your chance to correct the existential mistakes of the Generation of the Wilderness. If you do not do proper Chuvah (turning away from anything remotely Westernized, for starters: om, HELLO, MIZRAIM!), we stand before the most aweful time of trouble ever recorded in mankind's history (Daniil 12:1) AKA the 69th week of Daniyell or the era when even Mikha'el will be compelled to scream enveloped in silence.

  4. Cheeliyahu: Did you even read the post that Akiva wrote? What does the skin color of either Mashiach ben Yosef or ben David have to do with Atereth HaYesod and what that means for all of us? What does his skin color have to do with anything for that matter? The piece was about the new economic realities of the coming "New World Order" that G-d is setting up. It is not about skin color or the lost tribes.

  5. Besides the Jewish People are NOT a race. We are a NATION in exile. If we were a race, we would not accept true converts. Mashiach ben David will patrilinearly be a descendant of David. Who knows where the rest of his ancestors will be from on his mother's or father's side? Some may be Ashkenazim, and some will be Sephardim. Some may be Teimanim, and some may be from Ethiopia. And of course some of his ancestors will be true converts from different races. But does what race they are from really matter? I would think that we have graduated from this nonsense.

  6. If you please...
    What does the phrase "Atereth HaYesod" mean?

    Thank you.

  7. @Dov Bar-Leib The shade of an Israelite (in exile) is merely an indicator. i didn't mean to emphasize race as avodah zara. however, ethnic origin of exile is strategic, imho. if one of the shepherds is to spring from B'nei Menashe, there are distinct characteristics of the tribe (formerly exiled along the India-China border and rummaging through Israeli bureaucracy). sorta tired of the monopoly of the y'hudah tag, with all due respect. to lump all of k'lal yisra'el into a single tribe is presumptuous. until all shevatim are each identified and their borders respected, moshiakh ben yosef or y'hudah won't wanna show up, i can almost guarantee that, were that the arrogant case.

  8. the economic reality unfolding is: repent away from anything remotely western and corrupt. the burgeoning israeli-east asia cooperative projects will continue in earnest privately and are largely absent from noisy mainstream midia outlets, B"H


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