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FREAKING OUT – Part 4, Disaster, Israel, Safety

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Part 4 wrapping up our FREAKING OUT series. 

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CaptureWhere in the world is it safe to be a Jew?

From a basic day to day life perspective, Israel has a MUCH lower level of violent crime than the U.S. or Western Europe.  One does not have to worry about walking the streets or being assaulted (or worse) in their home during a burglary.  Car jacking?  Unheard of.

What about war and terrorism?  Life expectancies in Israel, including war and terrorism, are higher than the U.S. and most of Western Europe.

When terrorism happens it’s unbelievably horrible (and as I write this a family was knifed to death by the Palestinian peace partners on Shabbat in the Shomron, West Bank).  Yet a Jew is about 20 times more likely to be the victim of a violent attack in New York City due to a “normal” crime encounter than be a victim of terrorism or war in Israel and then he or she is only a statistic (G-d forbid).

What about actual war?

We have no way to predict the future.  But through past wars Israel’s losses have been miraculously low and civilian losses also miraculously low. 

Now as I write this Japan has suffered the worst earthquake in modern history with tremendous national damage which included a tsunami that even hit Hawaii and California (causing harbor damage in both places).  New Zealand had a city leveled.  Haiti, Brazil, Peru, Queensland Australia…the disasters keep coming.  Civil unrest throughout the Arab world. in Greece AND in a number of U.S. State capitols (where unions are revolting against pension cutbacks).

Terrorist attack against Jews in Mumbai, India just over a year ago.  Numerous people caught planning attacks against Jewish sites in England, the United States, and Australia.

Where can we run?  Where can we turn?  Where are we safe from war, terrorism and natural disasters?

We have no one to turn to but our Father in Heaven.  And it seems we’re clearly getting a little extra protection when we’re in the Holy Land.

At the end of daily tefilah (prayers) there’s a short pasuk (not all say this) that says “Do not fear sudden terror nor the destruction of the wicked when it comes.  Contrive a scheme but it will be foiled, conspire a plot but it will not materialize, for G-d is with us…”


  1. “Do not fear sudden terror nor the destruction of the wicked when it comes. Contrive a scheme but it will be foiled, conspire a plot but it will not materialize, for G-d is with us…”


  2. Yeah, Israel has the best protection our tax $$ can buy!
    Oh, and don't ask for any more "foreign aid" so you can built up your arsenal of weapons to kill innocent women and children.

  3. its true the above anonymous to some extant israel is more a slave to george bush then the burning bush as rav kahane was often quoted !

  4. Can you post where you found these stats. Great series! Toda Raba

  5. wagner.donna - as you wrote that a family of Jewish children lay dying in pools of blood, butchered in their sleep. Watch the video (graphic) -

    Israel is aiming people trying to kill them. The Palestinians are just trying to kill...any Jew, anywhere, even a 3 month old in their bed.

    Go ahead, justify that.

  6. Couldn't agree more. The Guardian of Israel never slumbers nor sleeps. May we merit the coming of Moshiach immediately in our days. This year in Jerusalem!!!

  7. I just read an interesting article about earthquakes in Israel, the last one just happened in January 2011. I didn't even know about it!

  8. donna,
    please petition the US government to stop giving Israel aid. We do not need it and are sick of how people threaten us with taking it away. It is actually the US begging us to take it because it provides thousands of Americans with long-term jobs.


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