Friday, February 25, 2011

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Yerusha - Inheritance

by Rabbi Nati…

I received the following request, and it’s certainly a worthy one…

Rabbi Nati,

I've created a new website called for Jewish women and men past normal child-bearing age, who believe they may never have children, either biologically or by adoption. I started the site as a way to bring these Jews together, both online and in the real world, to explore the meaning and experience of being childless Jewish adults.

As a childless Jew myself, I know that some childless Jews feel ashamed because they haven't "stepped up to the plate." I want Yerusha to be a resource for these Jews, a place where they can go beyond dwelling on their childlessness and discover the inheritance ("yerusha" in Hebrew) they could leave to the Jewish people.

The website features a section on relevant Jewish teachings, a list of role models who left something to the Jewish people despite their childlessness, possible steps to take in exploring what it means to be childless, and a forum where people can share their own stories.

I hope that visitors to the site will be encouraged to start local groups, or that an umbrella group may want to take on Yerusha as its project.

If you think it's appropriate, could you mention on the Mystical Paths blog?


Yes we can.  Good Shabbos and may everyone be abundantly blessed by Hashem.


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