Tuesday, February 01, 2011

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A War Crime and Miracle

Last night missiles were fired from Gaza.  The peaceful Hamas government of Gaza, whom the EU and Lady Catherine Ashton insists Israel must sue for peace, fired large Grad missiles into Israel.  (We guess they don’t like being overshadowed by revolution in Egypt.)

netivotsBeing Israel is in a state of peace (or at least no open hostilities) with it’s neighbors, people are going about their daily lives. 

In the town of Netivot (pictured), a young couple headed to the chupah last night (wedding canopy).  It was a small wedding, the couple and families aren’t wealthy, but it was a joyous occasion.  As is customary among Jewish weddings, the actual ceremony was held under the stars.  The wedding canopy was held above as the bride and groom came together to start their lives together according to the Torah of Moses and Israel.

As is customary, the chosson (the groom) came first.  The bride arrived to music and singing and circled her groom.  The rabbi intoned the traditional blessings and the groom the traditional line binding him to his new wife.  The ketubah was read, the 7 blessings given.  Shouts of Mazel Tov rang out as the new couple headed inside for a brief seclusion (part of a Jewish wedding ceremony) and some pictures, and the guests and family headed inside to the appetizer.

netivot-mapAs the last guest stepped inside, a huge BOOM sounded as a large Grad missile landed right next to the outdoor wedding site.  A person who attended the wedding said, "The rocket landed after the chuppah, while everyone was already eating at the tables. If it had landed a few meters closer (or a few minutes sooner), this could have been a mass casualty event."

“Mass casualty event” meaning a SLAUGHTER of a group of CIVILIANS at a non-military site during a non-military event.  The result or even the attempt is called a WAR CRIME.  And it not happening that way is a MIRACLE.

The chosson (groom) was on (secular) Israeli radio this morning declaring “it was a miracle, an absolute miracle”.

Hodu L’Hashem Key Tov, Key L’Olam Hasdo!

We look forward to Lady Catherine Ashton’s letter of protest to Hamas regarding this WAR CRIME.  We also look forward to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon asking for a war crime commission to investigate.  We also look forward to winning the lottery today without buying a ticket, which is probably equally as likely.

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