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Segulah for Debt Relief and Dybbuk Removal

by the flu ridden Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Rav Aviner is a leading rav among the mizrachi in Israel.  He answers short halachic questions via SMS, kind of a Twitter teshuvot.  While I don’t agree with all of his teshuvot and he’s not my rav, I greatly appreciate how he gets to the core of issues (not much choice in an SMS response).  And his answers sometimes make me laugh.

The following questions were asked:


Q: Our debt continues to grow. Is there a Segula [a spiritual shortcut to a blessing] to reverse this trend?

A: Certainly. You should spend less than you bring in and not rely on the miracle of overcoming the rules of mathematics. The Tur wrote that one should limit his expenses. And the Mishnah Berurah wrote that this is a harsh criticism against those who are enticed to spend money on luxuries without seeing the consequences, which will lead to theft and disgrace in the end. Biur Halachah chap. 529. One should plan well.


Q: Is there such a thing as a Dybbuk (a possessive spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a deceased person who invades a living person)?

A: Yes, but the majority of times what is referred to as a Dybbuk is in fact a mental issue. When the Satmar Rebbe visited Israel, they brought him a person with a Dybbuk, so he could remove it. He said: Send him to a good psychologist.


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  2. Crazy, CRAZY SmadeFebruary 05, 2011 8:10 PM

    German Products
    Q: Is it proper NOT to buy German products?
    A: Yes, but it is not obligatory (Shut She'eilat Shlomo 2:442).

    German products!? Come on, Rav Aviner!

    What about products sold by Wal-Mart and Target and products made in China!? Forget the Germans! Wal-Mart has destroyed more Mom & Pop stores and Chinese made products have killed more jobs in the US than Germany ever will.

    Why focus on an old rodef when there's clearly a new and present danger to be concerned with!?

    You don't think Wal-Mart is a threat? Wait until the union leaders in NY take the bribes and Wal-Mart opens their SuperCenters throughout NY and NYC! You can say "Good-bye!" to all those Jewish Mom & Pop stores and local markets! Wal-Mart will stock their shelves with super cheap Kosher products and run all the locals out of business -- just like they've done everywhere else!

    The up side is that after Wal-Mart stabs everyone in the back, the Jews will have no place left to run to for Jewish goods but Israel.

    Might as well make aliyah while you can, because after Wal-Mart is done destroying Yiddishkeit in NY ... it'll be too late!

  3. #1 - a rav responds to questions asked, and the question was german products.

    #2 - Rav Aviner is a rav in Israel and a Hebrew speaker only. No WalMart in Israel.

  4. That's very nice. but there are some people who go into debt with just buying regular necessaties.

  5. Dear R. Akiva,

    Points noted about Rav Aviner being in Israel and his responding to the question being asked.

    Thank Heaven you have no Wal-Mart in Israel! Would that those of us stuck in America could say the same!

    It's a thorn in my side, but as with all seemingly bad things ... I'm sure that HaShem is really using this for the ultimate good. Sadly, we aren't privy to the Big Picture and that's frustrating in the extreme! Would that I could just suck it up and roll with these economic punches, but I can't seem to shut my pie-hole, especially when I see others suffering too.

    Oh well.... As usual, I apologize for my post.

  6. Is it the Walton family's fault that they can provide a wide variety of kosher products to the kosher consumer more cheaply than anyone else? One might think that the Waltons are doing a tremendous service to the Jewish consumer. Besides, Noachides are not obligated in Jewish Laws regarding not putting Jews out of business through competition. It is simply not one of the seven laws. It is not part of their covenant with G-d. America prospered in part because of its competitive nature. G-d has truly blessed America. The Schottensteins from Columbus, Ohio have a huge department store. It has prices similar to Walmart's prices and is a great place to shop. I have been there twice even though I am not from Ohio, and it was a pleasure each time. Jay Schottenstein, may he continue in his success, has sponsored with a portion of 20% of his profits after taxes the translation of the entire Talmud into English through Artscroll Publications. Success in America and the resulting tzedakah that is given is a way of life. This is simply America at its best. There are a lot of worse evils one can point to in any complaint about America such as Pollard rotting in prison for his 26th year or the expulsion of the monotheistic Cherokee nation from its native lands in South Carolina and Georgia. In both these cases two Noachide Laws were broken. With the Cherokee there was outright theft of their property. With Pollard there was the total miscarriage of justice from his sentencing procedure. These are two of America's true sins. Underpricing one's competition is no sin at least according to Noachide Law.

  7. Sorry, I forgot to subscribe to comments.

  8. Dov Bar-Leib,

    I know about Cherokee history. One of my paternal ancestors was beat to death with his younger brother by a gang of whites for being a half-breed after the family was forced to give up their land in TN and move to AK. No, they didn't want on the white man's ROLLS, so I don't "benefit" from any "Indian Money" and I can't say as I blame my ancestors for not trusting the whites.

    Sure, there are plenty of crimes that one could list in American history. Sadly, making a buck at anyone's expense seems to be the American way. "Screw unto others, before others screw unto you" seems to be the national motto.

    I just hate to see a company prosper by running others out of business under the pre-text of selling goods MADE IN THE USA and then once everyone is out of business ... stocking their shelves with cheap garbage MADE IN CHINA. That's a triple whammy! Destroy the Mom & Pop stores. Move the factories from the US to CHINA. Collapse the American economy.

    Sure, sure, sure. Employment is up! The DOW is rocking! And everything is a bowl of cherries! Well, I guess for some people things are pretty good -- people like the Walton's, that is. I just don't happen to belong to that particular social class.

    I do remember a time when a single bread winner, working one full-time job, could provide for a family of three, send his kids to college, own a home, drive a nice car and basically live like June and Ward Cleaver, but this ain't LEAVE IT TO BEAVER and them days are long since gone. Truth be told, the vast majority of folk were never able to live out that dream, but ... oh well.

    If HaShem wanted it to be different, then it would be. If He wants people to be unemployed and doesn't want to fund His Own Kingship, then ... fine by me. It's really not, but ... I have no choice in the matter.

  9. I'm sure that HaShem is really using this for the ultimate good. Sadly, we aren't privy to the Big Picture and that's frustrating in the extreme!
    Debt Solutions

  10. I'm sure that HaShem is really using this for the ultimate good. Sadly, we aren't privy to the Big Picture and that's frustrating in the extreme!
    Debt Solutions


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