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Reincarnation: Which Way Did It Go?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image001Some readers expressed strong beliefs that reincarnation, and by association, other ideas that are basic to Judaism, have come to us from India, the land of idolatry. This is a common and mistaken belief. In fact, a number of the basic tenets of the Indian religions have come from Jewish sources, but to my knowledge, nothing from there has ever seeped into Judaism.

     The primary religion of India is called Hinduism. According to a number of Web sites on the history of Hinduism:

    “It is generally believed that the basic tenets of Hinduism were brought to India by the light-skinned Aryans who settled along the banks of the Indus River about 2000 BCE.”

Some Web sites identify these Aryans as Persians, i.e. Middle Eastern people. The local peoples accepted the newcomers’ teachings, but they did not discard their primitive idolatries. This mixture survives to this day.

     Avraham Avinu (our father) sent the sons that he had with Keturah to the Land of the East,[i] around 2000 BCE, These sons’ names and their children’s names, are listed in the Torah.

     Here are a few key tenets of Hinduism:

       They are called Hindu, which means “from the river.”

        The sons of Avraham would have called themselves Hebrews, which means “from over the river.”

        One of the main wisdoms of their religion is called, the Vedas.

         One of the children sent there was named Aveda. (Beginning “A” s are commonly dropped.)

        “A camp” in Hinduism is called an Ashram.

        According to Rashi, one of the sons name means “a camp;” he is named “Asshurim”.

       One of the three main gods of Hinduism is called, “shiva.”

       One of Avraham’s children sent there was named, “Sheva.”

       The religion is called, Brahmanism.

       This comes from the name, Abraham.

     Avraham loved his children and taught them the truth about G-d. They took these teachings with them, and they spread them wherever they went. So, we do find a number of teachings in the Eastern religions that are very close to the teachings found in the Torah. But their books also include gross idolatries, so they must be kept away from.

    Here we see historical evidence for the Torah spreading to India, but we do not find any evidence of their idolatrous teachings spreading to us.

[i] Genesis 25:6


  1. Dear Rabbi Gutman Locks,

    Your articles always amaze me. Thank you for being honest and sharing so much Torah with the world.


  2. Dear rabbi Locks if you look at the possuk of avraham giving gifts to the children of the east ie hinduism and buddhism 3 billion people on this planet avraham matanot vayshlachaim maial possuk 80;6 bereshite the first letters spell om and mum. om there sound was to be a tikkun for there mum ie defects both these names are holy for they are the 30th and 72nd triad of the 72 triads!They will definitely return the 3 billion children of the east to avraham and yisrael.

  3. Interesting, I'm not sure what exactly to believe. I've heard a convincing opinion on it presented in this video made by one of my friends:

    I'm extremely spiritually inclined, but I am honestly not sure if reincarnation (or at least the way it is thought of by most) is authentically Jewish.

  4. Shalom and thank you for your words of Torah. The Dalai Lama acknowledges that all religions come from Judaism and instructs Jews that come to him to learn their own wisdom first. He may be an oved avodah zarah, but I wonder if he may have more potential for tshuvah than a billion Muslims who believe that they will go to heaven if they kill even one Jew, G-d forbid. What are your thoughts on this?

  5. I think so without a doubt the gra praises the hindus and buddhists despite there avodah zorah they havent hurt jews physically like edom and yishmael for 2000 years ! and according to chabad anti cult experts the apostasy shmad with xtianity. is far more difficult to work out with the one possessed then eastern religions where many return to judaism , again the roote of amalak is edom as our sages repeat thousands and thousands of times . We are sick regretably and many will only be helped when mashiach comes B"B B"H! I feel chabad and breslov are the roots of messiah son of david !

  6. I actually always thought that the top caste in Hinduism was the Brahamin caste. It is the top caste of Hinduism's five caste system. Either way it is easy to see how Avraham spread his blessings throughout the entire world.

    Also Buddhism seems to have been born with a certain spiritual power that Israel posessed that was given to the nations with the destruction of the First Temple in the same way that Xtianity sprouted with the destruction of the 2nd Temple. Buddhism surely came along and cleaned up some of Hinduism's more evil beliefs which allows someone of the Dalai Lama's stature to recommend to Jews that they return to Judaism.


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