Tuesday, February 01, 2011

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Is Egyptian Revolution Turning Islamist?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

I was recently lambasted by a Middle East commentator for commenting during the Hezbollah takeover of Lebanon that I wouldn’t mind seeing the world reaction if they took UN personnel hostage.  I guess someone in Israel commenting on hostage taking when we have hostages we want back (and think hostage taking is horrible) is pretty bad form.  But just to show that stupidity has no bounds, I’m going to make another such comment…

There are hints that the Egyptian revolution is turning Islamist.  Having a bunch of religious fanatics with a virulent hatred of Israel take over Egypt has a high probability of turning the Middle East into a war zone.  The cost to the world in commerce (Suez Canal) and oil would be disastrous, particularly during current economic times.

While the U.S. and the EU shy away from any involvement due to historical feelings of colonialism and regret of meddling in national affairs of other countries in the past, they’ve failed to understand that someone always steps in to a power vacuum.  When China’s doing it (in Africa and other places) it may only be mildly sinister as they consolidate a future hegemony (have your children start learning Mandarin today).

But when Iran and the radical Islamists are doing it, they’ve already announced they intend to take over the world and implement a global Caliphate.  That’s not “mildly sinister”, that’s a world war in the brewing.

Live Report on Egyptian Revolution going Islamist…

- army shut down Suez road 2 prevent ppl frm Cairo suburbs frm reaching city. I'm now stuck on highway tryin 2 get 2 downtown.
- they shut down all back entrances to Cairo & reports are that they shut down all roads from downtown
- made it into tahrir [main Cairo square and center of protests]. They shut down major entrances &making it very difficult to get in but thousands &thousands of ppl here
- at protest. Huge number, over 100,000 ppl. Only concern is that Islamists trying 2 hijack it. They're in big groups praying everywhere
- army has estimated number of protesters at entrance of tahrir at 2 million


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