Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I Am Responsible for the Revolutions.

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths Blog and World Domination Headquarters

Years ago I visited a family member in Memphis, Tennessee (USA).  (For those who don’t know the U.S., Memphis is part of what is known as the “deep South”, and is known for Xian fundamentalism, country music and blues music, and in the past racial discrimination.)  Memphis has a large strong Jewish orthodox community with a very large and rather wealthy synagogue known as the Baron Hirsch Synagogue.

At the time of my visit the rabbi was Rabbi Raphael Grossman, an older well learned rabbi with a very strong personality and opinions.

Not to far from the synagogue was a Southern Baptist Theological College, a place for training future religious leaders of their type of Xianity.  As part of their training they would make a yearly visit to the Baron Hirsch Synagogue to view a Shabbos service.  This was not an arranged or coordinated thing, rather a group of minister students and their teacher would discretely arrive, put on some publically available yamulkas, and sit in the back of the large Shabbos sanctuary (with seating for around 500 they were not bothersome or particularly noticeable).

shul_top_picThe rabbi’s drasha (sermon) came along, he was standing on the raised dais looking out over the congregation.  As he looked to the back he saw the group of young men and their teacher and recognized who they were and where they were from.  He raised his arms wide in a cross position, looked to the back and said loudly “I admit it, I killed him!” and then went into a drasha on the halachot (religious laws from the Torah) of recognizing a false prophet and dealing with him (see Deuteronomy 13:1).

In line with Rabbi Grossman’s admission from the past I would like to make one today.  I admit it, I am responsible for the revolutions going on throughout the Arab world.  Me personally, a Jew living in Israel, Reb Akiva of the Mystical Paths blog.

I don’t want anyone to think I’m having a personal moment of megalomania, so let me tell you how I know that I am personally responsible…

This past week I, Reb Akiva of Mystical Paths, drove to a Jewish town in the West Bank and saw a doctor there.  AND bought a pizza.

There you have it.  As the United Nations pointed out yesterday and the United States ambassador CONFIRMED in her “after vote statement” on the Security Council vote – Jews being present in the West Bank are SOLELY and EXCLUSIVELY responsible for all ills of all Arabs everywhere. 

Let me provide further proof…

During the Egyptian revolution the people were calling all workers and agents of the government and regime Jews.  And the government controlled media and government spokespeople were calling the people Jews.  I’m a Jew – there you have it.

Not enough for you?  Here’s more…

During the current Libyan revolution the government and state controlled media are calling the people and those trying to make revolution ‘zionist agents’.  And the people are reporting that jets and heavy attack equipment are marked with Israeli and Jewish symbols.  I choose to move to Israel as a Jew, making me a zionist – there you have it.

Clearly you’re starting to understand my pattern of influence.  Let me really spell it out for you…

Bahrain is the Middle East banking center.  They’ve been growing their percentage of world banking assets for the past decade and have become a serious business threat to traditional banking centers around the world.  Everyone knows the Jews control world banking and I have a bank account in a Jewish owned bank.  Now there’s revolution in Bahrain.  Who would benefit from revolution in Bahrain?  Banks outside of Bahrain of course, which the Jews control (of course), and as a Jew with money in a Jewish owned bank – there you have it.

So believe it.  When the United Nations and the United States both state clearly that Jews being in the Middle East (or Africa, or Asia, or Europe…or Planet Earth?) are the problem and 100% of the United Nations time and Security Council time are taken up by whether a Jew buys a pizza in the West Bank and not with revolutions and the slaughter of innocents in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, or Iran…now you know…they’re right.


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  2. We made a mistake actually. The slanderous lies must cease. So he taught Jews to follow the Torah of Moshe and ignore the ta'akanot of the rabbi's. So the rabbi's got pee'ed off as someone dare teach contrary to their ego's. So history was made. Funny how even the Rambam say's to kill any prophet that goes against the rabbi's. Too bad it would be too late to decide if the person was a true prophet or not after the fact. Hence our punishment continues. Simply amazing. We slander a true Torah observant Jew who said to do t'shuvah back to the Torah of Moshe, ignore the man made 'mitzvoth', the rabbi's had him killed for such.

    Funny how 'they' talk Torah but don't follow such. Don't wonder for a split second why the geulah is so difficult. Look no further. And we continually call for Jews to return to their 'Torah' and ignore Moshe and his warnings for straying.

    Why haShem has not pulled the plug is perplexing.

    So, you know what Akiva, it truly is your fault. Hope you are recovered from your flu.

  3. You presuppose to rejudge events of 2,000 years ago and the rabbis of that time? That's pretty presumptuous. So is judging why and how Hashem is running His plan.

  4. Akiva, I am not rejudging a historical event. I am giving you historical facts that people prefer not to be uncovered. This is part of the exposure of lies and presenting truth, however uncomfortable it may be for all. But it needs to be done.

    Are we not part of His plan? Where is our free will choices when things go terribly wrong? That's part of the plan too or do we have the oppourtunity to do a tikkun?

    So I am to sit mindlessly by, without ever questioning haShem? I live under a dictatorship from my Father? Does our Father never listen to you or I because He has His plan and nothing you or I, or anyone else asks for will change His plan. You and I know that's not true. Look at when Moshe was argueing with our Father about whether or not to allow the Erev Rav along with the Jewish people. We both know the story. Of course we can do the circle argument that it was part of His plan. But, we, with free will can change history for good or bad. Like Moshe's decision has caused both you and I, and frankly every Jew tremendous pain. Our Father let Moshe change history. Was that part of His plan, or did He give us a chance that we blew because we know better then He. But we don't listen to His plan, and you know the rest of the story. Since He gave Moshe free will to decide wrong He had to give us a secondary plan called religion to ensure the world found out about Him. I don't have time to expound on this.

    Knowing it is now past the time that we can influence much of anything, so on one hand maybe I should not ask our Father why He cannot hasten the geulah. Why He can't lessen the upcoming times of trouble for Yaakov. Because maybe it's not in His plan and I should not question His plan, right. Last time I checked, He is our Father and I am interested in speaking to Him personally, not rambling on the same speach 3 times a day for the last 50 years or so.

    Anyway, gotten run, it would be great to have a conversation with you, glad you are feeling well now, your welcome for wishing you well. And you wonder why Akiva, really now. Think about it. Kol Tuv.

  5. For once, it looks like playing the "World Jewish Conspiracy" card has done little, if anything, to help the assorted Muslim dictators and Arab royals.

    People are simply tired of being poor and unemployed. If their leaders hadn't milked and bilked their own people, then they wouldn't be facing open revolt.

    I doubt you'll see the sultan of Brunei Darussalam being overthrown by his people, because he doesn't seem to mind spreading the wealth.

    A stipend a day keeps the revolutionaries away!

    Quoting a line from the 1964 film entitled, BECKET, "... one must never drive one's enemy to despair; it makes him strong. Gentleness is better politics, it saps virility. A good occupational force must never crush. It must corrupt."

  6. Shiloh,

    As I constantly point out to X-tians and the assorted Talmud bashers, in a remez to Devarim 17:8-13, this guy that you're talking about told his own talmidim, "The Soferim and the P'rushim sit in Moshe's seat. All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, [that] observe and do...."

    I see no opposition to the established ta'akanot in this saying. Not unlike the Baal Shem Tov, what this plebeian from the Galilee took issue with was the pride and arrogance of certain Judean Sages from the upper class.

    The Baal Shem Tov once lodged at the house of a notorious adulterer,* rather than the local rabbi, because the adulterer "knows who he is and is lowly in his own eyes; and it is written that 'Hashem dwells with them in the midst of their uncleanness.'"

    The Besht went on to explain his actions by stating, "Although the rabbi is a Torah scholar, he's arrogant and thinks he's a great man. And it is written that HaShem says, 'Whoever is of a haughtly glance and proud of heart, him I cannot bear.' The Sages explain that HaKodesh Baruch Hu says, 'He and I cannot dwell together in the same world.' If HaKodesh Baruch Hu can't dwell with him, how can I? But I don't want to criticize the rabbi himself, HaShem forbid! I'm only criticizing his bad traits - of pride and arrogance."

    In like manner, this guy that you're talking about affirmed the halakhic authority of the Sages. He simply warned his talmidim to avoid imitating their bad traits.

    I see the parallel, but ... of course ... I'm just a simple Noachide. What do I know!? Sadly, not much.... :(

    * = pp. 199-200, "The Light and Fire of the Baal Shem Tov," by Yitzhak Buxbaum.

  7. Saudi King offers benefits as he returns from treatment....

    Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has announced increased benefits for his citizens, as he returned after months abroad getting medical treatment.

    There will be extra funds [$10.7 billion] for housing, studying abroad and social security, according to state television.

    He's no fool! He knows what's really behind the Jasmine Revolution and it's got nothing whatsoever to do with the Jews!

    It's all about the Have's vs. the Have-Not's!

  8. Crazy Smade, you are incorrect. You being a former messianic are not familiar with our copies of the hebrew mattiyahu. There is the hebrew copies of Shem Tov hebrew with the verse reading one word different in 23. It does not read as you state which all messianics and xtians believe, it read's different, the one word is 'he' as in Moshe. Do your research. You followed the greek anti Torah lie. Thankfully you are on the path of Torah now. It's hard to see that there is one true story and one lie, a mirror image that you know all too well. No need to discuss this more. I am so against the one you are familiar with it would make your head spin. But thanks anyway.

    I also know behind the scenes of what is never discussed publically of which you are not privy too. I have discussed these issues and more with a late Rabbi who even Akiva would look to as one of our great ones. I am not concerned what xtians think, nor messianics , and frankly Jews who slander an innocent Jew out of sheer ignorance.

    Those who publically discrace and commit loshon hara against this Jew first of all it's chillul haShem and against the Torah they 'claim' to uphold. Secondly it's out of reactions to what the goyim have done. And third many who do are decendents of the Erev Rav, either via reincarnation or direct decendents. And frankly it's not good for business. But part of the geulah process is exposing such lies, however uncomfortable.

    It's a touchy subject to say the least. There is so much lying as you have experienced, so much hatred and in all reality, incredible fear.

    But he was right in many cases of where we have been taught to actually transgress the Torah that Moshe had given us. I agree completely with those instances. So what's the problem with that. Because he is slandered by completely uninformed and ignorant people on all sides. I am concerned that we do our utmost to follow the Torah. End of story.

  9. You being a former messianic are not familiar with our copies of the hebrew mattiyahu.

    Well, I do have a copy of Shem Tov's Hebrew Mattiyahu and I have studied it.

    Yes, I see where it reads "all he says to you keep and do". Is the "he" Moshe or is the "he" the Judge, who sits in the Seat of Moshe" (i.e., the Nasi of the Religious Sanhedrin of 71)...?

    Either way, where the Shem Tov text says "their ta'akanot and deeds do not do" it is qualified by "they say and do not do."

    In the context of his other sayings, it appears that the "ta'akanot and deeds" in question allude to the "heavy burdens" that the wealthy P'rushim themselves weren't always able to shoulder.

    If the wealthy Sages, who had the time and the means and wherewithal to focus on halakhic minutiae and chumrot, didn't always fulfill their own ta'akanot, then how could they expect the plebeians to do so? And, as R' Locks has pointed out more than once, the individual must perform a mitzvot joyfully in order for it to count.

    In short, what I see in the Shem Tov text is an affirmation of the authority of the Sages with the caveat that one should avoid hypocrisy.

    How many times in Jewish history have we seen this pattern repeated? We see this same sort of dichotomy with the Baal Shem Tov & his opponents and with Rebbe Nachman of Breslov & his detractors.

    The authority and scholarship of the opposition is affirmed, even whilst they were being criticized for behaving in a sanctimonious manner. Thus, the middah of "Emunat Chachamim" is maintained.

    Again, I'm just a Noachide, so my opinions don't matter.

  10. Never been a messianic. Sorry to disappoint your theories. I simply from a historical point have been facinated with we slandered a Jew and the goyim have made a lie out of it all.

    You being a noahide has nothing to do with it. Believe as you wish, we don't need more idoloters to join the club. We have enough trouble with how the rabbi's have misinterpreted the Torah, changed it etc. I am not going to follow the majority to evil. G-d has kept us around according to His promise, not some rabbinical commandments.

    So there is no confusion, there is much wisdom within the Talmud. That we can and should use, but placing words in G-d mouth as they claim to represent Him is completly false. Saying G-d told us to do something is against the Torah. End of story.

  11. Shiloh writes - ... the rabbi's have misinterpreted the Torah, changed it etc.

    And all I'm saying is that, per the authority granted in Devarim 17:8-13, the Sages have the perogative to exegete the Torah as they please and enact whatever ta'akanot they see fit.

    The middah of "Emunat Chachamim" should be maintained, because to do otherwise would be presumptuous.

    If HaShem supports the Sages, then who can stand against them?

  12. What? What are you reading? Where does it mention ta'akanot? Annnnd what is the context of the discussion of the verse.

    Are you sure you know what ta'akanot are?

    Don't assume anything of what G-d condones that's outside the Torah. Using your logic, He also backs the mullahs, the pope, whatever guru that comes along.

  13. Okay, Shiloh.....

    Devarim 17:8-13 doesn't use the word takanot (ordinances) - through which the Sages seek to actualize tikkun olam and tikkun nefesh.

    However, to this end, Moshe instituted various takanot for the Jewish people and, in like manner, the heads of the Jewish people have set forth takanot. What gives them the right to do so? Well, they sit in the Seat of Moshe.

    According to the fellow that you mentioned, per the Shem Tov text, the takanot that one shouldn't do are those that the Sages themselves don't carry out -- "they say and do not do."

    The inference here seems to be that if the Sages institute takanot and do them, then ... one should do likewise.

    Why? Because, as the aforementioned person clearly affirms, "Upon the Seat of Moshe the P'rushim and the Chachamim sit," which brings us back to the authority granted by HaShem Himself in Devarim 17:8-13.

    This authority is given by HaKodesh Baruch Hu to the provisional judges of Yisrael in each generation.

    Shiloh writes, "Using your logic, He also backs the mullahs, the pope, whatever guru that comes along."

    That's absurd! The authority that's founded upon Devarim 17:8-13 was given by HaShem solely to the provisional judges of Yisrael in each generation -- not the Goyim!

    During the Common Era, the Religious Sanhedrin of 71, being patterned after Moshe and the 70 Elders, served as the legislative and judicial body of Klal Yisrael and the Nasi functioned as "the judge who shall be in those days."

    Listen, if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong. Don't sweat it. I'm just a Noachide and my opinions aren't worth responding to. BTW, I agree that this individual you're talking shouldn't be slandered.

    The problem is that only a handful of people want to discover the man behind the mythological construct. IMO, he shouldn't be deified or vilified. Sadly, he's been taken captive by the Gentiles and turned into a rodef by them; ergo, his own people seem to have little interest in redeeming him.


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