Friday, February 25, 2011

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Green and Flowerly

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Israel is a semi-arid country with seasonal rains.  This means it doesn’t rain most of the year while being hot and dry, and all the rain for the year arrives in 3 months during winter.

The local plants are adapted to this pattern.  When the rains start there is a burst of rapid plant growth, with green and flowers popping up everywhere.

Hanot - 1,500 year old ruins and terracing in the Judean hills bursts with green.

2011-02-23 001

Rakefet – a pink-ish wildflower of Israel. 

2011-02-23 004

A poppy among the thorns.  Israeli children are taught never to pick wildflowers – preserving their lifecycle to seed and grow every year.  This year with good rains near the end of the season, the poppies are popping everywhere.

2011-02-23 010

Poppy in the sunlight. 

2011-02-23 013

Israel, beauty to be found if you look for it.


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