Friday, February 11, 2011


Even a Little Opening

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

We received the following note worth sharing (edited for appearance and readability as an article)…

My friend and I are Baal Teshuva (Jews previously not religiously observant who became observant – sometimes referred to as “baal teshuva” meaning “masters of returning (to G-d)”).  We started very late in life and like some others including this previously written here at Mystical Paths by Rabbi Nati, we went through Gehinnon (hell) in getting back to Torah. 

In the 60's we were sent to college and exposed to every abomination (with the free love generation).

Today we both study with Chabad.  We recently attended an event in Crown Heights (Chabad world headquarters) and for us to be there with so many Lubavitchers who welcomed us with open arms, we reaped tears of joy.

My friend and I never knew who we were.  Just a few years ago she learned that she is a descendant of the Shpola Zeide and I learned that my mother was in the Ghetto with the daughter and disciple of the Rogatchover Gaon.  My mothers rav was Lubavitcher and I am descended from Kohanim and some very famous Rabbonim.

Yet our rich family heritage was hidden from us.  We were both raised like Cantonists (a generation of Jewish children stolen from their parents in Czarist Russia).  Please tell everyone, just show Hashem an opening the size of the eye of the needle and He will open for you enormous worlds. 


  1. As much as missionaries maybe more in Hashems eyes college campuses are the biggest f-up for jews in the last several generations interdating intermarriage, experiments cults other religions etc etc anti israel bashing

  2. the gentiles have xmas the muslims ramadan today is our leaders birth and yahrtzeit date moshe rabbeinu 7th adar ! make a prayer for geulah everyone powerful day ! Netzach is moshe which is the most male and dominant of the 10 sefirot !


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