Wednesday, February 09, 2011

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CNN on Yoga

We continue our ongoing discussion about yoga being inappropriate for Jews due to it’s association with Hinduism, an idolatry based religion.  Reb Gutman points us to this recent CNN article on Yoga.

(CNN) …yoga is primarily a moral and spiritual philosophy, a fact she says has been lost as the popularity of physical yoga has boomed in the West. "There has been a conscious de-linking between Hinduism and yoga," in the United States and elsewhere, she says.

Yoga is mentioned in many of the ancient Indian texts that form the basis of the religion now known as Hinduism, which claims to be the world's oldest religion - and which is the third most-practiced faith on the planet.

One main source of yoga philosophy is the sage Patanjali, who lived in the 2nd century B.C. and whose Yoga Sutras describe a philosophy comprising 8 limbs, one of which is the physical poses, or asanas, which are commonly referred to as yoga in the West…

"Yoga is really a spiritual discipline," says Uma Mysorekar, the Hindu Temple Society of North America's president. "From its origin in Hinduism, yoga really originated from a Sanskrit word yuj, which means union."

That union is supposed to happen, she said, "between individual being or the soul with (Hindu spiritual entities).”…

"Although Hinduism and yoga grew out at the same time of the Indian subcontinent and there are references to yoga in the Upanishads and in the Bhagavad Gita, that doesn't mean that Hinduism has the exclusive hold on yoga," she said, referring to sacred Hindu texts. "Sort of like Jews don't have the exclusive hold on prayer."

Some churches attempt to "Christianize" yoga by adding Bible verses to the practice...  { And some Jews attempt to kosher yoga by stripping out the Hindu terms and adding Torah versus or tefilot from the siddur. } 

The Hindu American Foundation, meanwhile, says that while yoga is not just for Hindus, it can't be totally divorced from its religious roots.

Mystical Paths : Exactly!  And Hindu religious roots are not the place for any Jew to be.

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  1. Dear mystical blogs jc was quite a healer maybe greater in miracles then any of our sages read the gemarra on how bhe used the shem hamaforesh for great wonders, as for the hindus they have there rishis who perform wonders with there names many used in yoga . My point avodah zorah is a very very real power if God allows it, you dont seem to take it seriousely . . Jews caught in it cant break out unless Hakodesh Baruch Hu shows hes dominante over otherr gods to which point in our history he hasnt . According to ramchal thats why moses said no at the burning bush because yetziat mitzraim wasnt the final geulah from other gods , powers , angels , shaidim , illness etc etc !


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