Monday, February 14, 2011


Caring for your Brother

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Today was a tough day (B”H for all that comes).  I returned to work after a week and a half sick with the flu followed by pneumonia.  After a few hours I felt dizzy and difficulty breathing, symptoms returning.  Concerned I would not be able to safely drive, I called my wife who came in by bus to get me (and the car, we’re only a one car family in Israel) and drive me back to the doctor.

The doctor did his examination and concerned with a return of symptoms prescribed some stronger medication and sent me for a chest x-ray.

…while the parents are away the children will, well, you know.  We got a call from one of our little girl’s friends.  “Sarah (names changed for anonymity) fell down while roller blading (in her bigger sister’s way too large roller blades without protective gear) and may have broken her arm.”  What do we do?  I’m at a health clinic with pneumonia waiting for a critical chest x-ray.  It’s not literally life and death for me, but it’s pretty critically important to get this information back to the doctor and get the right treatment quickly.

I call a younger son who’s out playing and probably not too far away to run over to where she is (he bought himself a cell phone with money he earned, came in handy now).

Suddenly I get a call.  “Hello, is this Sarah’s father?  (Yes?)  Hi, I was passing by and I saw your daughter is hurt.  Can I call a taxi and send her somewhere?”  A literal neis (miracle)!  “Yes yes!  Can you send her to the medical care clinic? (where I am at the moment)???”  “Sure.”

15 minutes later a taxi pulled up with my daughter (and son with her, and 2 additional older children who were called into service to get to her and evaluate the situation), the taxi pre-paid (we didn’t ask for that).

For us this was a miracle.  A double health emergency that was able to be taken care of together instead of us going crazy trying to balance competing emergencies.

Now for some Jew who we don’t even know, his mitzvah of ahavas yisroel (caring for your fellow) was a literal life saver.  A few minutes of his time, a phone call and about $8 in taxi fare….a few minutes in caring for a fellow Jew who he doesn’t even know….changed our lives, reduced our pain, saved the day.

Thank you anonymous Jewish fellow, my brother who I don’t know.

This is the way to change the world from hell to livable, perhaps even with a whiff of gan eden, for each one of us.


  1. G-d bless you---anonymous Jewish fellow

  2. It is when we remember our Oneness with the Divine and with eachother that these acts of kindness are able to flow. May we all be blessed with the recollection of our Oneness in Love with the Divine, then perhaps peace shall once again flow in our world.

    Lauri Lumby
    Authentic Freedom Ministries


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