Monday, January 31, 2011

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What’s Wrong With Dope?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image001 (3)     “Hey, don’t you see it, man?” He was standing in front of the Kotel, stoned out of his mind. He looked at me and asked, “How come you don’t see it?” He was looking at the stones and seeing lights and hearing sounds, or maybe it was seeing sounds and hearing lights. He was really “getting off” on it.

     So what could possibly be wrong with this?

   Here’s what wrong. It rips you off. big time! (Translation for those of you who did not experience “the sixties,” “a rip off” is a thief who grabs something away from you, something that you want to hold on to.) And this is just what drugs do to your life. They rip off both your physical life, and from my point of view even worse, they rip off your spiritual life, too. And, that’s what hurts so bad.

     A guy was crying to me, “I need money. I’m broke. I only have five dollars in the bank. I have to pay my bills. What am I going to do?” He was really having a hard time, and for a good reason, too. After all, creditors were closing in on him.

     I said, “No problem. Give me your bank book, and I’ll fix it right up for you.”

     He gave me his bankbook. I wrote in 6 zeros, right after his five dollar balance, and I gave it back to him.

     He looked at it and said, “Wow! Thanks a lot. You saved my life. I’m rich. I have 5 million dollars in the bank!”

     And this is what drugs do to your life. Drugs lower your standards so that you are satisfied with much less, and you call it more! That guy who was stoned in front of the Kotel was seeing the physical Western Wall, and because of the drugs that he had smoked, he was seeing it as if he was having a spiritual experience. He wasn’t. He was having a drug experience.

     The real problem is not that he was having a good time. The “munchies” are fun while you are munching. (Stoned people often get ravenous appetites to stuff food, usually, for something like a few candy bars.) The problem is that he is so satisfied with his drugged experience, that he will never feel the need to do the hard work that is necessary in order to have a true spiritual experience. He will go through his entire life “getting off” on the stones, not even knowing that there is a true spiritual Revelation available.  And that’s why they call it “Dope!”

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  1. Dear Rabbi,
    Are you sure the guy who approached you was high on Marijuana?
    Marijuana does not cause hallucinations, nor does it cause you to "hear" things. Harder drugs do that. It does, however, make you a bit more sensitive to existing sounds and lights.
    My own personal experience was that Marijuana helped me come close to Hashem by showing me that there was so much more to this world than what meets the eye. Unlike alcohol, Marijuana increases your love for Hashem and other human beings instead of cutting you off. Obviously, this experience isn't reality, but neither is the experience that religious Jews have when they poison themselves and get drunk on Purim. BUT the "pot" experience gives you a tiny taste of how close you can feel to all of Hashems creations if you work at it. The alcohol experience, on the other hand, will give you a taste of what it's like to ingest poison (ask a doctor how many cases of "Marijuana poisoning" he has treated).
    Of course, the positive affects can only be felt when used responsibly.
    When speaking of Marijuana, (again, not harder drugs) why not adopt a similar approach to that taken towards alcohol? Look up the facts and do some research, alcohol and nicotine are MUCH, MUCH more dangerous drugs.
    Finally, if this makes any difference to you, a TOP posek recently told me to continue smoking pot as needed for chronic pain. Perhaps this is what troubles me most, knowing that there are so many people who can be helped by this natural plant but who are denied relief due to a stigma attached to the weed. Baruch Hashem, doctors and governments around the world are waking up to these truths. Be'ezrat Hashem, the frum community will as well.
    thanks again,


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