Sunday, January 02, 2011


Thank You!

A week ago we ran a campaign for a needy family.  The response, your response, was tremendous!  Within a few hours we had many significant donations and within 24 hours were most of the way to meeting our goal.

Within the week we met our first goal of covering the families immediate needs and pressing debt.  We were able to pay their electric (which had been turned off) and fill their refrigerator completely, before Shabbos.

I would personally like to thank our readers, the many donors who made a direct and immediate difference for a family in need.  You enabled me to be your messenger of kindness and charity, a unique privilege.  [ 100% of every donation went directly to the family, minus only the Paypal transaction fee (of about 4%) and dollar-to-shekel changing fee (of about 1%).  ]

For the family, they had a warm Shabbos with a full Shabbos table and a chance to catch a breather from their debts.  G-d willing we may just have helped them turn the corner.

And that’s the point.  The difference between this world being a warm world where we pick each other up when we fall or a cold indifferent world where we step over each other as we fall into the other’s way is YOU and ME standing up and doing something for our fellow.

It’s the difference between this world being a taste of hell or a glimpse of heaven.  It’s the taking of OUR time, OUR money, OUR care and concern for another.

YOU renewed my faith that there’s good in the world!  People gave what they could.  Some gave a little from what little they had.  Some gave rather sizeable donations that just left me stunned!  Many clearly jumped and gave literally immediately as they read the message.  And one family who is local literally drove right over to my door and handed me an envelope.

Thank you.  Tizku L’Mizvot.  May Hashem bless you a thousand times over for the mitzvah of tzedakah, for giving charity to help the poor and needy.  And may Hashem bless you to always be able to give, and give ten times and a hundred times more, to always be able to help your fellow.

And, G-d forbid if you should ever need help, may Hashem send a speedy messenger to provide you exactly what you need.

Dear readers, thank you.


  1. That's great. I wanted to donate, but you didn't answer my request for a mailing address. I would also like to know how to sponsor Torah learning on HarHabayit.

    I would be really grateful if you would respond with the relevant information. Thank you in advance.

  2. Anonymous,

    For Har HaBayit, I have no idea. For us, please contact us by email. Contact info is under "the team" on the sidebar.


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