Sunday, January 02, 2011

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Spy This

About 5 months ago, 8 Russian spies were captured in America.  They were sentenced to….immediate return to Russia where they received a parade and good jobs.

While Jonathan Pollard has sat in prison for 25 years.

The difference in treatment is stark.

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  1. And there was no public (media) outcry of the Russians using forged British passports/documentation either unlike the hounding of Israel (and especially from within!?) from many foreign governments. The Guardian reported last week that the head of the Mossad was supposed to apologize to Britain about using the passports, and we know that at least one Israeli diplomat was sent home in protest way back then.

    Has anyone seen any reaction in Britain to the Russian spy ring?

    Pollard in jail was very successful for 25 years. He was a warning to all the Jews and in fact except for one organization, the entire American community shut up for the past 25 years and even actively put down attempts to publicize efforts to free Pollard. Even requests for simple misheberachs on Shabbat morning were denied in order not to offend the government. Baruch Hashem, perhaps Obama's obtuseness on Israel has apparently freed the American Jews from this fear and the effort has finally attracted many mainstream organizations and major figures. Better late than never. Israeli synagogues were sent a special 'misheberach blessing' for Yonatan ben Malka written by Chief Rabbi Yona Metzker and in coordination with National Council of Young Israel.


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