Sunday, January 09, 2011


Spotted: ATZ–Automatic Tzedakah Machine

Spotted on the street… an ATZ, Automatic Tzedakah (Charity) Machine…


Here’s a close up of the screen and a translation of the options…


  • - Press Here for Salvation from all Bad Things.
  • - Press Here for Blessings for Good Events (Simchas).
  • - Press Here to Request a Blessing from the Torah Leaders of the Generation.
  • - Press Here to Give your Tithe.
  • - Press Here for a 40 day prayer session for you at the Kotel.
  • Press, swipe credit card and type in your name and your mother’s name and your prayer request. 

    Remove your card and take your receipt.  Your blessing will be dispensed momentarily.


    josh said...

    Thousand likes!

    Anonymous said...

    you guys are the nuts that have ruined the mashiach ben yosef be warned !

    yitznewton said...

    Indulgences to follow??

    Crazy Smade said...

    Anon, mockery, scorn and cynicism, leads to poverty. I for one know this to be a fact, as I've done little else for the majority of my life and now I'm dirt poor.

    Please, if only for your own sake, keep the lashon hara to yourself.

    An automated tzedekah box? Well, I guess as we move closer and closer toward a cashless society ... this is to be expected.

    What makes this any difference than giving tzedekah via PayPal for someone to say a prayer for you and/or for them to send you a CD or a book?

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