Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Revolution in Egypt?

The Arab world is in turmoil.  Tunisia's dictator fell to a populace desiring a democratic revolution (though what they end up with is anybody’s guess).  Lebanon’s government today fell to a Hezbollah manipulated constitutional maneuver that put them in control of the government.

And RIGHT NOW something big, possibly along Tunisian lines, is happening in Egypt….

Thousands of Egyptians entered the open-ended Tahrir Square in the heart of Cairo until the overthrow of President Mubarak, comes after thousands of Egyptians took part in mass demonstrations calling for the first time to bring down the regime of President in Cairo and Mahaaftat, and subjected to violent attacks by security forces.

Reportedly chanted the protestors, saying, "sit-sit ... so leave the system. "

Is this good or bad for Israel?  Who knows at this stage. 

Live Twitter Feed from the middle of the Egypt situation (Egyptian blogger).

Twitter Search for the Egypt revolution hashtag #jan25 (why Jan 25? I don’t know).

Current videos of the situation…


  1. Yes, I hear you. I was looking at this, too. It seems that Hashem is changing things uo a bit in this world and especially the Arab world. I think that it all matters in terms of the spiritual long run. The Lebanon gov't downfall is the most imminent tumult because the placement of the Hezballah and their missiles( in the hands of violent thugs ) is worrysome......
    Emunah is the key. Ahavat chesed, tefillah, teshuva...we have so much better and effective a chance with these middos than they do with missiles. Klal Yisrael must remember this.

  2. We live in uncertain and violent times. I pray for peace over in the Middle East...for those in Israel and those in Palestine. For all of God's children.
    ~ blessings

  3. "Is this good or bad for Israel? Who knows at this stage." - Only Hashem knows - and he knows that it is good for Israel. It is our problem that we don't understand exactly how.

  4. Everything Hashem does is good for Israel (the Jewish people) and is on account of Israel (the Jewish people).

    We need to do our part, and Hashem does His to keep the world running, for our sake.


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