Thursday, January 06, 2011


I Would Convert

by Reb Gutman Locks

Reb Gutman, I would convert to Judaism, out of pure love and desire for G-d... I just have trouble.

Evolution is a scientific fact for example... as is the universe being billions of years old. I don't understand how a God as viewed by the Jews would stand idle for billions of years until we evolved into homo sapiens before revealing himself. Also, the story of Jonah in the fish’s belly, the lack of evidence for the Exodus, Noah’s Ark all doesn’t make sense scientifically.

Rebbe, Please answer + help me.

Reb Gutman answers:

All of your questions have been answered logically many times. Check with Ask Noah for the details. However, even after you get your answers, do not try to convert to Judaism. You were born a member of one of the Seventy Nations, and you must find your spiritual path among them. “Ask Noah” will teach you how to be a righteous gentile. You will have a wonderful life in this world and a share in the World to Come.


  1. I LOVE the religion that says you don't have to be anything other than what you are and that the wonderful life in this life and the share in the World to come is for all!
    Kol hakavod!

  2. CRAZY, CRAZY SMADEJanuary 07, 2011 3:20 AM

    First off, if one is asking these kinds of questions about a system of emunah (or hashkafa), then why bring up conversion at all!?!?!? It doesn't make any sense! Judaism is not a COUNTRY CLUB! I find the individual asking these questions highly suspect!

    It's like saying, "I'd love to eat a nice, thick steak dinner, but I'm a vegetarian and I don't believe that animals should be killed!"

    Okay, I give R' Locks full points for being a mensch and a disciple of Aaron and for not taking Shammai's measuring rod and beating this person over the head with it.

    That said, I certainly hope that R' Locks isn't really saying here that one should find a spiritual path among the Nations, but that's what it sounds like to me....

    That's a death sentence for one who is truly seeking emes and tikkun nefesh and Derech HaShem! Noachidism isn't to be found in the religions and belief-systems and customs of the Nations! What!? I'm suppose to be an X-tian Noachide or a Muslim Noachide or a Hindu Noachide or a Wiccan Noachide...?

    That's like saying, "If you want to learn all about Ahavas Yisrael, then look to Amalek for instruction and guidance!"

    The only ones qualified to teach Noachidism and mussar and Derech HaShem to a Gentile are THE JEWS!

    I'm sorry, R' Locks, but you and the rest of Klal Yisrael are stuck with the task of being ohr l'goyim.

    No, you don't have to accept converts, but neither can you dismiss a genuine Ger Toshav. Why turn a true Noachide over to the wolves (i.e., Amalek, the Nations)...? Why banish such a person to some spiritual rest home in Boco Raton, Florida!?

    There are some of us who don't like the Galus anymore than you do! Why doom such a person to live in a social system that he/she simply isn't equipped to fixed!?

    You know something.... All dogs descend from wolves and yet, there are some dogs which have been bred and trained to view a herd of sheep as being members of it's pack. So, why on earth would a good shepherd chase off such a dog and leave him to the company of wolves!? Where's the logic and justice and stewartship in that!?!?!?

    Sorry, but you really pushed a nerve with this post.

  3. I would refer him to Dr. Gerald Schroeder's book, The Science of G-d. It is possible to believe that the universe is 15 billion years old and to believe that is was created in 6 twenty-four hour days by having a thorough understanding of time dilation and Einstein's general theory of relativity. The first five days of Creation are not part of the 5770 years since Adam's sin for a very good reason. The Creation was from G-d's perspective who fills the entire universe with His Glory. The generations of Adam from the moment that he sinned are from our perspective and form the basis of the 5770 years that followed, starting with the Year One, meaning we are in the year 5771 of Adam's fall. Dr. Gerald Schroeder is no crackpot. He lectured an behalf of Aish HaTorah Yeshivah for over 20 years in their Discovery Seminars and as an emissary of Rav Noach Weinberg to Jews imbued with a scientific background who were on a search for spiritual truth. He is a man of tremendous faith, and never did he ever question the veracity of the Written or Oral Torah. As a matter of fact he uses the words of our Sages of the Ages, especially the Ramban, to prove his points.

    As for Noah and his Ark, I believe that the Ark was found on Mt. Ararat decades ago by Ron Wyatt. He has photographs of the site aerial and otherwise and took careful measurement of the dimensions of his find. He also analyzed the makeup of the Ark and found it to be authentic. As far as the evidence of whether there was a Great Flood 4115 years ago, G-d carefully hid the massive amounts of salt from the global inundation. I personally asked Rav Akiva Tatz this question as I was driving him to Chicago from St. Louis in the Spring of 2003. As we approached Lake Michigan, I asked him how could the largest sources of fresh water in the world be the Great Lakes if the flood waters covered the earth? We prayed that I would find the answer. Just a couple years later, I found out that underneath the Great Lakes one will find the world's largest deposits of salt. G-d separated out the salt so that Noach would not be depressed by constant reminders that He had just destroyed the world. Yet He left the salt there so that we would know in the future that something incredible had happened there. G-d was not out to fool anyone, but He did a tremendous Chesed for Noah and his sons.

    Everything in Torah has its answer for those who are on a serious search for the Truth. Until one searches, ponder this. All of a sudden just a few decades before Mashiach's arrival, the scientific world discovers that the universe, (time, space, and matter) came into existence out of nothingness at a certain time in the distant past when time itself came into being. Imagine that.


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