Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Egypt: The YouTube and Twitter Live Revolution

Real time news reports and images of what’s happening aren’t coming from the mainstream news. They’re coming from YouTube and Twitter…which is impressive given the Egyptian government has completely shut down the Internet, SMS messaging, Blackberry service, and more.

Here’s what one Egyptian blogger said, “Still no Internet. Calling in tweets to a friend in Jordan #Jan25”.

Whatever is going to happen in Egypt, it’s coming to a head right now…  (Egyptian blogger/twitterer)

- no police seen anywhere
- in tahrir now [Cairo main city square], everyone here, ppl of ALL classes, army letting us in, very peaceful
- word is army has permission to shoot live ammunition at protesters
- we just had an air show of military planes flying at low altitudes trying 2 scare people
- crowd in tahrir [Cairo square] keeps growing. We're not going anywhere.

That said, news reports from Tunisia just announced “Exiled Leader of Tunisia’s Islamist movement just boarded a plane (from London) to return to Tunisia.”  So the possibility of changing from a secular dictatorship who basically wants stability and control and uses Israel as a boogeyman to an Islamic religious dictatorship that has a visceral hatred and desire to destroy Israel and Judaism as a religious imperative is a possibility.


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