Monday, December 13, 2010

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Wacky Israeli Weather

About 15 years ago I looked out the window of my Israeli apartment and thought I’d been kidnapped to an alien planet.  It was exactly like a science fiction movie.  It was bright glowing YELLOW outside, the air itself was shining yellow and everything was coated in yellow.  And in the afternoon it rained MUD.  Weirdest thing I ever saw.

Today it’s been glowing ORANGE outside, as I drive down the street there’s small drifts (and it’s not snow) exactly like flurries (but it’s not snow).  The wind is howling literally stripping the leaves off of trees.  Everything is coated in ORANGE, the streets are orange, the cars are orange, the sidewalk is orange, my black desk chair that the kids left outside is…


orange, and that’s a blue futon next to it that’s orange.  And while driving it started raining mud.

The wind STINGS your eyes and walking out for more than a minute it becomes hard to breathe.  [Hmm, maybe aliens are terraforming the planet for themselves?]

Though the Israeli weather service says it’s raining in Israel somewhere, all I see is SANDSTORM.  COLD WINDY ORANGE STINGING SANDSTORM…

[Maybe, or maybe it’s alien terraforming.  That would explain a lot actually.]

There’s now a layer of orange on my patio about as thick as 30 minutes of snow flurries in the US.  It’s piling up on the sides of the streets and in the corner of every building.

P1020832I’ve never seen a GIANT WINDY COLD STINGING SANDSTORM last day after day after day, actually piling up the freaking sand.

Did I mention it’s cold?  40 degrees by US standards.
Did I mention you can’t breathe in it?  Or keep your eyes open!

When this nuttiness started we looked outside and the kids said “look, it’s foggy, must be about to rain”.  HA HA, jokes on us, it’s just THICK SANDY AIR.

You know what happens when it rains (briefly) through a sandstorm?  Mud drops!  All over the car, all over your hat, coat, whatever.

The laundry we left outside looks like the kids just came back from the park.  The car looks like it went 4-wheeling.  I’m afraid to wear my rain coat (it’s black), it will come back looking like a shmatta (a dirty rag).

Ribono Shel Olam, send some rain and clear the air!

You know, when Hashem takes away the water (it’s not raining much in Israel and the danger of very serious drought is in front of us) it’s really worrying.  But when Hashem starts to take away the AIR!!!

Tefilah, Teshuva, Tzedakah !!!!

Update – I hit post, heard a crack of lightning and it starting pouring, washing the sand right out of the air.

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  1. It rained 8 inches in Tzfat on Sunday. In the center of the country in just poured dirt until Monday. Yet, the Galil got a ton of rain where it is most needed, filling up the Kinneret and reservoirs in the Golan and the Galil. It was not all a curse. Sometimes we have to accept bracha from Shamayim in the form that it comes. Remember our water supply comes primarily from the Golan and the Galil.


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