Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A Serious Appeal

by Reb Akiva

A friend, a neighbor, a Jewish family is in serious trouble.  A Jewish family who lives on the edge with nothing to spare has fallen over that edge.  The father learns and teaches Torah and is a rav, the mother works long days.  Yet, an old bill they missed that accumulated interest, a major dental problem for a child, and investing a moderate amount in trying to create a Torah institution that the promised supporters disappeared has left the family in a disaster.

The electricity is turned off in the middle of winter.  (Fortunately they are in Israel so they’re only cold, not freezing to death.)  The refrigerator is empty (and of course not working for want of electricity).  The follow up dental care required for the child is desperately needed but the previous bill isn’t paid.

Since this is my neighbor and my fellow Jew, I can’t sit back and do nothing.  Because I have a blog and an audience, I am obligated to try to use it to help.

$1,800 solves most of this family’s problems and pulls them back from the abyss.  $3,000 solves all their financial problems and removes the daily worry chasing them.

I’m asking you to join me and giving them a hand.  Every donation of ANY amount helps, and every time one person helps another it makes this world a better place.

( the appeal has ended )

May Hashem bless you abundantly for helping others and for the mitzvah of tzedakah (charity).


  1. Please give a mailing address to send a check. Thank you.

  2. lease give a mailing address to send a check. Thank you.

  3. Well, isn't this interesting. It was only yesterday that I had wanted the opportunity for a Mitvah to an individual instead of just organizations. I've written about this before on how every time I am considering a Mitzvah that the opportunity always arises. It's simply amazing how it's never more than a day that goes by before the result is shown, sometimes within the hour, whether it be Tzedakah or learning or any other matter.

    I'm thankful that Hashem gives such results. So I can say you can be a third of the way there and others too can also have such opportunity.


  4. I wish I didnt despise the heredim as much as I do . I despise there understanding of the torah, they lack kindness, they lack middot . As a homeless man near heredim for 5 years I saw this first hand .I wander between hatred of them and trying to accept there path Finally if the heredim only trust each other why dont they help them . The only children who ever threw stones at me were heredi children in heredi neiberhoods .The heredim have there money , there billionares . Anyway I hope this family is helped completely but I dont connect to them or there ways or there world. There Torah finally is unenspiring and very ugly.

  5. Sharbano, thank you and tizku l'mitzvot!

    Anonymous #3 - who said charedi? Are you assuming from my picture that I only know charedim or would only help charedim? You would be mistaken.

    The family is in need of help, that's enough for me.

  6. Akiva, has the rav ever thought of maybe getting a paying job and putting his Torah skills out into the real world?

  7. Once again, I'm left to wonder why HaShem doesn't seem to want to fund His Own Kingship amongst His Own People (and the Noachides), whilst He seems to give billions and trillions to Amalek.

    Virtually nothing can be accomplished in this present evil social system without money. It takes money to make money. Every worthy enterprise requires at least some initial capital to prime the pump.

    Why doesn't HaShem help His Own from the abudance that He alone controls?

  8. I agree why do we say ptaich et yadecha umasbia lechal chai ratzon 3 times a day in ashrei and yisah bracha maaet ADNY utzedaka melohysheinu when amalak is easily the richest wheather its the 80 percent of world jewry thats connected to amalak or the 80 percent of gentiles attached to amalak . The 20 percent sees litle from this physical world . An avg edomite on a college campus has as many girls as he wants while religious jews have NO chances many times in finding a proper mate nor noachides . Hashem as rav levi yitzchak of berderchiv said wake up !

  9. What is the translation of the word ptaich?


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