Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Said in My Name

Many times in the last few years I’ve heard some rather extreme statements published in the name of various gedolim (Torah leaders) among orthodox Jewry.  More so in Israel where the primary method of community communication is posters, newsletters, and the not-so-occasional car-with-loudspeakers going through the neighborhood.

And many times now I’ve heard the gedolim (Torah leaders) specifically stating that “many things are said over in my name” or otherwise indicating that they didn’t say it, the reply was to someone privately on a private question with a specific answer for that person, or even their words were taken out of context.

To our great misfortunate, there are clearly those who would manipulate the community, using words, images and signatures of the gedolim for their own purposes.  The mediums of communication have become corrupted and can no longer be trusted.  Every Kol Kore’ must be suspect and considered unreliable unless proven otherwise.

…And the holy words of the gedolim must arrive with a tamper-proof kashrus certification to be considered true.  Hashem Ya’a’zor (G-d should help us!)

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