Thursday, December 30, 2010


Peace Partner? Death Partner!

Blog Israellycool found this lovely piece of Palestinian Terrorist propaganda, from their monthly newsletter of death.  (Tips and techniques for the aspiring jihadi.)  I’ve blurred out the arabic text because, frankly, I’m not giving space to their propaganda of death.


So lets examine our peace partner briefly.  He’s a sniper standing in a gilli suit (a professional high camouflage outfit) holding a .50 caliber sniper rifle (long distance and armor piercing).

And he’s holding something in his hand.  What is that?


He’s holding 4 IDF (Israeli army) dog tags, showing he’s killed 4 Jewish soldiers.  Not only is he a successful killer, he collects trophies.

The propaganda says something to the equivalent of “come join us in murdering people, we’re beautiful and you can be beautiful too”.

Fortunately much of the picture is BS, a photoshop job.  The face and left hand are photoshopped in, indicating that they don’t actually have professional sniper gilli suites or .50 caliber sniper rifles.  The IDF dog tag is the same one replicated 4 times (it reads first name “Andrey”, I couldn’t read the rest), so we’ll assume they only have 1 dog tag or downloaded the image from the internet.

But the intent is clear.  Be a recruit to kill Jews.

I’d like to see ANYONE come up with ANYTHING even remotely similar from Israel, the IDF, or the Jewish people.

The UN, EU, and United States can come talk about Middle East peace when this crap stops.


  1. Sad....

    And yet, I continue with the same, tired-old, train of thought that plagues me each and every day of my existence on this spinning ball in space....

    The PA, the PA supporters amongst the governments of the Nations and the anti-emunah crowd continue to receive funding. They've literally got more money than they know what to do with.

    If HaShem controls which individuals and which groups get the dosh (bucks, shekels), then why fund these haters instead of funding His Own Kingship amongst the faithful and the would-be (or could-be) faithful?

    Is it really terrorism that one has to be concerned with here? Is this "rod over head" tactic really necessary?

    Am I to believe that there is no one out there with a school or charity or business or organization or even an idea that is worthy of the same level of funding that the Jew-haters and anti-emunah crowd receive? Why are the faithful left powerless and penniless - living from one paycheck to another or living on hand-outs?

  2. all serial murderers collect trophies,don't they? kate b

  3. I've been reading, "The Garden of Riches," by Rabbi Shalom Arush, shlita. In answer to may own nagging question as to why HaShem continues to orchestrate massive funding to the enemies and oppossers of His Own faithful - and, by way of answering why I've become little more than a pauper - on page 127 of the aforementioned book one reads the following:

    "Our sages teach that certain transgressions trigger financial difficulties in order to stimulate self-assessment and subsequently, atonement....

    Mockery and Cynicism - Our sages teach that those who mock others suffer financial loss. The Gemara says (Avodah Zara 18b), 'So says Rabbi Ketina: Anyone who makes a mockery of things is destined to lose his money, as the prophet declares [Hosea, Chapter 7]: "He stretched out his hand toward the scorners."'

    Rashi ... explains this verse as follows: HaShem 'pulls' the hand of those who scorn. Hence, when people mock and make fun of righteous people, HaShem takes away their money and gives it to the people they are ridiculing.

    [Crazy Smade - I suspect that this would equally apply to the wicked and one's enemies, since they too are part of HaShem's creation and handiwork and are likewise given the option of teshuvah. Please, correct me if I'm wrong].

    Anyone who makes a habit of ridiculing and deriding people will eventually suffer severe financial setbacks. Even an incredibly wealthy and respected individual who makes a habit of ridiculing others will still end up a pauper." END QUOTE.

    I've grown up on a steady diet of mockery, sarcasm and cynicism. Virtually everything one sees and hears and encounters these days is drenched in mockery, sarcasm and cynicism - and served with a heaping side order of sexual immorality and violence.

    Is it any wonder that I constantly cry out to HaShem for the means and wherewithal to relocate myself and my son to a community that's removed and/or safeguarded from these influences; a place where we can undergo some much needed tikkun nefesh in a pro-emunah environment with a spiritual guide to oversee our re-education?

    Yes, I realize that I've made my own bed and have virtually done myself in with a laundry list of decades upon decades of mistakes of which mockery and cynicism rank at the very top; hence, my present poverty - may HaShem help me (and us all) to overcome these and other such failings!

  4. The Arabs are being honest but Israeli politicians and media are lying. The Arabs want us all dead. "k'dai" to listen.

  5. Yeah, that "eini k'dai" goes double for me.


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